Applications for Split-Phase Motors

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The split-phase motor is used for general-purpose loads. The loads are generally belt driven or small direct-drive loads like small drill presses, shop grinders, air conditioning, and heating belt-driven blowers and small belt-driven conveyors. The main feature of the split-phase motor is that it can be used in areas of the plant where three-phase has not been distributed, or on small loads on the plant floor where fractional-horsepower motors can handle the load. The motor does not provide a lot of starting torque, so the load must be rather small or belt driven, where mechanical advantage can be utilized to help the motor start.

The motor is inexpensive and it can be replaced when it wears out rather than trying to rewind it. It's also available in a variety of frame sizes, which allows it to be mounted easily in most machinery. If the application requires too much torque for the split-phase motor, one of the other motors, such as the capacitor start motor, can be used.

Good applications for split-phase motors include small grinders, small fans and blowers, and other low starting torque applications with power needs from 1/20 to 1/3 HP. Avoid any applications requiring high cycle rates or high torques.

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