Connecting the CSIR Motor for Dual-Voltage or Dual-Speed Applications

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The capacitor start motor is similar to the split-phase motor, since its terminals are identified in the same way and it can be connected to operate on either 115 or 230 volt single-phase voltage. Like the split-phase motor, the CSIR motor will generally lose horsepower when it's operated at its higher speed since two poles are deleted from the motor to gain the speed. Some factories prefer to stock dual-voltage, two- speed motors which will cover nearly every application with their equipment. That is, they don't have to stock four separate types of motors for different applications, such as high speed, low voltage; high speed, high voltage; low speed. low voltage; and low speed, high voltage. By stocking the variable-speed, variable- voltage motor, they only need to stock different horsepower sizes, such as and 1 hp; the other changes can be made by reconnecting the motor for the correct voltage or speed at the time the motor is installed.

Electrical Diagram for a CSIR Motor

Connecting the CSIR Motor for a Change of Rotation