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Before proceeding to the topic of sensors, you may find it helpful to know the scientific basis of "Sensitivity".

What properties and /or physical phenomena can modern sensors "sense"?

  • ACCELERATION: Linear; Rotational
  • Acoustic Emission
  • Airborne Particles
  • Altitude
  • CHEMICAL/GAS: Ammonia; Carbon Dioxide; Carbon Monoxide; Chlorine; Dissolved Oxygen; Hydrocarbons; Hydrogen; Hydrogen Sulfide; Ion Selective; Electrodes; Nitrogen; NOx; Organic Compounds; ORP (REDOX); Oxygen; Ozone; pH; Sulfur Dioxide; Color; Combustion; Condensation; Density; Displacement; Distance, Ranging
  • ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES: Admittance; Capacitance; Charge; Conductance; Conductivity; Current; Eddy Current; Electrodynamic; Field Strength; Frequency; Impedance; Inductance; Microwave Radiation; Power; Radio Frequency; Resistance; Resistivity; Voltage
  • Energy, BTU-heat
  • Flame
  • FLOW: Gas; Laminar; Liquid; Mass; Suspended Solids/Bubbles
  • Force
  • Friction
  • Gas, see Chemical/Gas
  • Humidity
  • Ice
  • Inertia
  • LEVEL: Liquid; Slurry; Solid
  • LIGHT: Infrared; Ultraviolet; Visible
  • MAGNETIC: Direction; Field Strength; Reluctance
  • Mass
  • Moisture
  • Motion
  • Noise
  • POSITION, ANGULAR: Absolute; Incremental
  • POSITION, LINEAR: Absolute; Incremental
  • Presence/Proximity
  • PRESSURE: Absolute; Barometric; Blood; Differential; Fluid; Gas; Gauge; Vacuum
  • RADIATION DETECTORS, N&P: Alpha; Beta; Gamma; Neutron; Photons; Radioactivity; Solar; X-ray
  • Shape
  • SOUND: Amplitude; Frequency
  • STRAIN: Compression; Shear; Tension
  • Surface Condition
  • Temperature
  • THERMAL PROPERTIES: Conductivity; Dispersion; Emissivity; Flow; Flux
  • Thickness
  • Tilt
  • Torque
  • Turbidity
  • VELOCITY: Angular; Linear
  • Vibration/Shock
  • Viscosity
  • Weight
  • WIND: Direction; Speed

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