Ultimate Guide to Industrial Robotics: The optimal system for your plant

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Industrial robots are retrofitted to complete any application within the manufacturing process. Industrial robots can help manufacturers become more competitive and efficient, while reducing work related injuries caused by repetition on the assembly line. Robots are widely used throughout many industries.

  • Robotic Automation - Qualifying Points
  • Heavy- Hard to Handle Parts
  • Multi-shift operation
  • Medium to High throughput
  • High labor rate
  • Hard to find skilled labor
  • Dangerous/Strenuous operation
  • Desire for unattended running
n ABB robot

1. Why Automate the Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers (SMMs)?

2. Implementing Robotic Automation - Getting Started

3. Robotics and Risk

4. Setting Expectations for Success

5. Creating the Right Specifications

6. Lean Manufacturing With Robotics for Low Volume, Small Batch Runs

7. Lean Manufacturing with Robotics for High Volume, Large Batch Runs

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