Handheld Oscilloscopes

An oscilloscope is an electronic device used for measuring voltage of an electronic device against time. It is mainly used to diagnose the working condition of any electric equipment. It signifies one or more electric potential differences in a two-dimensional graph, with the horizontal axis representing time and the vertical axis showing voltage. This is represented in the form of a line, known as a Trace over a graphical cathode ray or LCD screen. Some oscilloscopes can show even two or more waveforms. These are used for phase comparison and timing measurements.

Oscilloscopes are very heavy instruments. However, there are handheld oscilloscopes available that have all the features of a regular scope, yet are more affordable and handy. Handheld or portable oscilloscopes are ideal for automotive, service and development applications or even as a hobby. They are very easy to use and come with attractive options like LCD display. Some are also offered with carry cases for easy portability. Low noise, low weight, high sensitivity, insulated and safe measuring probe etc. are some of the attractive options.

Prices of handheld oscilloscopes range from $330 for a 100KHZ Multiscope with PC Interface to $3000 or higher, depending upon the features and the model. They are operated with batteries- either regular or rechargeable. There are also used or refurbished handheld oscilloscopes available for lesser prices.

Handheld oscilloscopes are very rugged yet handy to use. They have different capacities like 200 and 100 MHz bandwidths; 1 GS/s and 500 MS/s Sample Rates per Channel; and independently floating isolated scope and DMM channels.

Fluke and Extech are the two popular brands of handheld oscilloscopes. Comprehensive information about handheld oscilloscopes is available over the internet. There are several sites that allow you to view different models and compare their features, prices, options and even warranties. Besides, handheld oscilloscopes can also be ordered online.

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