Industrial Brushless Servomotors

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Industrial Brushless Servomotors
Industrial Brushless Servomotors

by: Peter Moreton

Topics include: sinewave motor, industrial brushless servomotors, trapezoidal motor, load velocity profile, brushed motor, sinusoidal motor, stator heating, unloaded motor, trapezoidal velocity profile, brushless machine, rating coefficient, brushless motor, winding temperature, rotating load, motor temperature, pulley radius, trapezoidal profile, load inertia, motor inertia, absolute encoder, electrical time, output torque, rotor angle, full winding, stator resistance

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Industrial use of the brushless servomotor, for instance in robotics, is increasing rapidly, because of their low maintenance needs and capabilities at high transient speeds. They offer flexibility and high performance, and advances in power electronics and microelectronics means they are now more affordable. This handbook gives the user of brushless servomotors a comprehensive guide to their use, including a description of all main features of the brushless motor drive system. Throughout mathematics is kept to a minimum and practical guidance is given based on real-life experience. Peter Moreton is a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, having spent time in industry and universities worldwide.

Technicians, electronic engineers and equipment designers, mechatronics engineers

Introduction; The brushed dc motor; The brushless machine; Brushless commutation; Speed regulators and servo control; Servomotor selection; Index


The book explains the principle of operation, different servomotor types, types of brushless commutation, dynamics and equivalent circuits. Written in plain language and with a lot of figures, I think this book is a must for those who don't know much about brushless servomotors and are looking for a good and understandable explanation.

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