Industrial Control Electronics

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Industrial Control Electronics
Industrial Control Electronics

by: Terry L. M. Bartelt

Topics include:

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This new edition continues to provide state-of-the-art coverage of the entire spectrum of industrial control, from servomechanisms to instrumentation. Material on the components, circuits, instruments, and control techniques used in todays industrial automated systems has been fully updated to include new information on thyristors and sensor interfacing and updated information on AC variable speed drives. Following an overview of an industrial control loop, readers may delve into individual sections that explore each element of the loop in detail. This logical format offers the flexibility needed to use the book effectively in a variety of courses, from electric motors to servomechanisms, programmable controllers, and more!


provides completely up-to-date information on both motion and process control to ensure that the entire spectrum of industrial control is addressed

employs a non-mathematical approach to enhance reader appeal without compromising on the depth or scope of topics covered

the programmable controller section uses the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 for greater consistency with equipment used in today's education and training programs

content has been gleaned directly from industrial equipment technical literature, professional seminars, engineering consultants, and industrial schools to ensure its relevancy

Lab-Source CD in back of book includes free lab manual

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 Introduction to Industrail Control Sytems

Chapter 2 Interface Devices

Chapter 3 Thyristors SECTION 2 THE CONTROLLER

Chapter 4 The controller Operation SECTION 3 Electric Motors

Chapter 5 DC Motors

Chapter 6 AC Motors


Chapter 8 DC Drives


Chapter 10 Pressure Systems

Chapter 11 Temperature Control

Chapter 12 Flow Control

Chapter 13 Level Control Systems

Chapter 14 Analytical Instrumentation

Chapter 15 Industrial Process Techniques and Instrumentation

Chapter 16 Process Control Methods SECTION 6 DETECTION SENSORS

Chapter 17 Industrial Detection Sensors and Interfacing SECTION 8 PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS

Chapter 18 Introduction to Programmable Controllers

Chapter 19 Fundamental PLC Programming

Chapter 20 Advanced Programming, PLC Interfacing, and Troubleshooting SECTION 9 MOTION CONTROL

Chapter 21 Motion Control Feedback Devices

Chapter 22 Elements of Motion Control

Chapter 23 Fundamentals of Servomechanisms

Chapter 24 Functional Industrial Systems


A Descriptive Non-mathematical Approach
Intended for use in an electronics based industrial/manufacturing course, this is an introductory text on process control. It stresses a hands-on operational approach rather than concentrating on mathematical design. The 24 chapters (including one chapter on the CD) can be conbined in various ways to teach courses in several areas including: electrical motors, solid-state variable-speed drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), servomechanisms, sensors, and various specialty areas such as instrumentation or process control. In the PLC area, the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 is used for examples. This provides a consistency with the equipment used in today's education and training program. In addition to the chapter on practical applications, the CD that comes with the book also includes a lab manual so the student does not need to purchase another book. The publisher also provides additional material related to this title on their web site, however as of yet the on-line material still refers to the second edition rather than to this new third. This book is well thought out, it's approach is sound. Very little mathematics are used in the book, it is more of a descriptive, hands on book.

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