Robotics and Automation Handbook

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Robotics and Automation Handbook
Robotics and Automation Handbook

by: Thomas R Kurfess, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

Topics include: virtual coupler, first camera frame, interaction calculator, real robot dynamics, generalized active forces, multiple mobile manipulators, kinesthetic interfaces, manipulator impedance, environmental impedance, regressor form, coordinated motion control, independent generalized speeds, generalized inertia forces, joint coordinate frames, constrained configuration space, partial velocities, impedance controller, exciting trajectory, partial angular velocities, input shapers, multiple manipulators, haptic interface, continuous control law, haptics research, input sensitivity functions

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Provides the basics of how a robot works

Targets issues related to determining the specifications and configurations for developing a robot

Discusses controls-including classical, multivariable, and optimal approaches-in terms of trajectory and input signals

Explains the means by which a robot senses and interacts with the environment around it

Presents the variety of operations robots can execute, such as welding, surgery, assembly and cleaning, and how design and fabrication are affected by job-related needs

Suggests fail-safe strategies to prevent robots from "crashing" as well as minimize damage possibilities

As the capability and utility of robots has increased dramatically with new technology, robotic systems can perform tasks that are physically dangerous for humans, repetitive in nature, or require increased accuracy, precision, and sterile conditions to radically minimize human error.

The Robotics and Automation Handbook addresses the major aspects of designing, fabricating, and enabling robotic systems and their various applications. It presents kinetic and dynamic methods for analyzing robotic systems, considering factors such as force and torque. From these analyses, the book develops several controls approaches, including servo actuation, hybrid control, and trajectory planning. Design aspects include determining specifications for a robot, determining its configuration, and utilizing sensors and actuators. The featured applications focus on how the specific difficulties are overcome in the development of the robotic system.

With the ability to increase human safety and precision in applications ranging from handling hazardous materials and exploring extreme environments to manufacturing and medicine, the uses for robots are growing steadily. The Robotics and Automation Handbook provides a solid foundation for engineers and scientists interested in designing, fabricating, or utilizing robotic systems.

Table of Contents

The History of Robotics, Wesley L. Stone

Rigid-Body Kinematics, Gregorg S. Chirikjian

Inverse Kinematics, Bill Goodwine

Newton-Euler Dynamics of Robots, Mark L. Nagurka

Lagrangian Dynamics, Milo?s ? Zefran and Francesco Bullo

Kane's Method in Robotics, Keith W. Buffinton

The Dynamics of Systems of Interacting Rigid Bodies, Kenneth A. Loparo and Ioannis S. Vakalis

D-H Convention, Jaydev P. Desai

Trajectory Planning for Flexible Robots, William E. Singhose

Error Budgeting, Daniel D. Frey

Design of Robotic End Effectors, Hodge Jenkins

Sensors, Jeanne Sullivan Falcon

Precision Positioning of Rotary and Linear Systems, Stephen Ludwick

Modeling and Identification for Robot Motion Control, Dragan Kostic, Bram de Jager, and Maarten Steinbuch

Motion Control by Linear Feedback Methods, Dragan Kostic, Bram de Jager, and Maarten Steinbuch

Force/Impedance Control for Robotic Manipulators, Siddharth P. Nagarkatti and Darren M. Dawson

Robust and Adaptive Motion Control of Manipulators, Mark W. Spong

Sliding Mode Control of Robotic Manipulators, Hector M. Gutierrez

Impedance and Interaction Control, Neville Hogan and Stephen P. Buerger

Coordinated Motion Control of Multiple Manipulators, Kazuhiro Kosuge and Yasuhisa Hirata

Robot Simulation, Lonnie J. Love

Survey of Geometric Vision, Kun Huang and Yi Ma

Haptic Interface to Virtual Environments, R. Brent Gillespie

Flexible Robot Arms, Wayne J. Book

Robotics in Medical Applications, Chris A. Raanes and Mohan Bodduluri

Manufacturing Automation, Hodge Jenkins


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