Stepping Motors: A Guide to Theory and Practice

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Stepping Motors: A Guide to Theory and Practice
Stepping Motors: A Guide to Theory and Practice

by: Paul Acarnely

Topics include: motional voltage, hybrid stepping motor, maximum stepping rate, rotor tooth pitch, static position error, reluctance stepping motor, optimum switching angle, bilevel drive, deceleration delay, stepping motor systems, single step response, forcing resistance, phase control signals, constant frequency clock, excitation interval, one tooth pitch, static torque, fundamental current components, rotor teeth, phase equilibrium position, unipolar drive, waveform detection, phase inductance, stator teeth, rated winding

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First Sentence:
The essential property of the stepping motor is its ability to translate switched excitation changes into precisely defined increments of rotor position ('steps').

Stepping motor technology is well established and used for motion control, most notably for computer peripherals but also wherever digital control is employed. The book provides an introductory text which will enable the reader to both appreciate the essential characteristics of stepping motor systems and understand how these characteristics are being exploited in the continuing development of new motors, drives and controllers. A basic theoretical approach relating to the more significant aspects of performance is presented, although it is assumed throughout that the reader has no previous experience of electrical machines and is primarily interested in the applications of stepping motors. Paul Acarnley's outstanding reference book is widely known and used, and this, the 4th edition, has been significantly updated to include many new applications that have emerged since the previous edition was published. Coverage includes: drive circuits, accurate load positioning, static torque characteristics, multi-step operation, torque/speed characteristics, high-speed operation, open-loop control, closed-loop control and microprocessor-based stepping motor systems.


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