Technician's Guide to Programmable Controllers

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Technician's Guide to Programmable Controllers
Technician's Guide to Programmable Controllers

by: Richard Cox

Topics include:

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Book Description
One of the most popular books available today, Technician's Guide to Programmable Controllers, 4th Edition includes complete explanations, examples readers can relate to, plus a writing style well-suited to electrical students as well as journeyman and apprentice technicians, make. Its systematic approach enables readers without prior knowledge to gain a comprehensive understanding of what a programmable logic controller is, how it works, plus how it is programmed and installed. Numerous and varied troubleshooting techniques are also introduced, making this book a valuable reference for professional maintenance electricians and plant engineers. Fully updated, the fourth edition now reflects use of personal computers for programming devices, including detailed programming information on both the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 and the MicroLogix family of programmable logic controllers. Supplemental information on logic gates has also been added to assist readers in gaining an understanding of programming and the symbols used.

About the Author
Richard Cox is a Department Chair of the Electrical/Robotics Department at Spokane Community College in Spokane, Washington. He is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 73.


Clear and concise with practical information for beginners
I used this book to train industrial electricians and recommended it in the PLC course I designed at Coyne American Institute in Chicago in 1989. They still use the book along with a lab manual and Allen Bradley PLC's in the electrical maintenance course. I reviewed other books and felt this one was the right choice for the length of course, training level and content. It is clearly written with hardware and instruction set examples from various PLC manufacturers, troubleshooting, number systems, start-up hints and some useful general computer information. Also included is a chapter on understanding MS-DOS commands-very handy for people (a lot of them around) with no computer background except a point-and-click once in a while. The soft cover format, number of pages (372) and size make it easy to carry and throw in a brief case. If you are learning PLC's for the first time, this is a good place to start. If I was going to add anything to it for the next edition, I would include things like data highway, serial communications, remote displays and PID loop. Maybe a little more about programming details involving analog I/O would be nice.

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