Vector Control of AC Drives

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Vector Control of AC Drives
Vector Control of AC Drives

by: Ion Boldea

Topics include: flux orientation control, stator flux orientation, airgap flux orientation, flux calculator, stator current space phasor, subtransient flux, constant stator flux, flux space phasor, constant airgap flux, stator flux control, flux weakening region, indirect vector current control, torque calculator, maximum torque per unit, peak transient torque, direct stator flux, precise torque control, flux weakening zone, flux controller, load commutation, fed synchronous motor, current vector control, constant rotor flux, rotor pole axis, parameter detuning

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Book Description
Attempts to unify the treatment of vector control of induction and synchronous motor drives using the concepts of general flux orientation and the feedforward and feedback voltage and current vector control. DLC: Electric machinery.


Effective AC Drive Control
During the last few years the field of controlled electrical drives has undergone rapid expansion due mainly to the advantages of semiconductors in both power and signal electronics and culminating in micro-electronic microprocessors and DSPs. These technological improvements have enabled the development of really effective AC drive control with ever lower power dissipation hardware and ever more accurate control structures. The electrical drive controls become more accurate in the sense that not only are the DC current and voltage controlled but also the three phase currents and voltages are managed by so-called VECTOR CONTOL. It is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who want to be an expert in the field of AC Drives Control.

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