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Why should you consider expandable braided sleeving for your tricky cable management jobs instead of another wire bundling solution? Because braided sleeving is expandable, so it fits over big, bulky connectors. And it's flexible, so it fits easily into tight spot - great for harnessing and protecting automotive, aerospace and electronic wiring as well as home stereos and computers. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a wire bundling job that our braided wire sleeves, like our fiberglass sleeving, aren't perfectly suited for.

Plus, the braided sleeving from this merchant has a few extra things going for it. You can take this expandable sleeving outside and leave it there because it's weather resistant and dries quickly. The different types of sleeving, like our fiberglass sleeving, have been tested and proven to resist all sorts of automotive and aircraft fluids, like gasoline, fuel oil, de-icing fluid, lubrication oil, solvents and more. They even fend off salt water, so these wire sleeves are perfect for scuba diving and marine equipment.

This expandable sleeving does all that and does it with style, too! Expandable sleeving comes in black, natural and a range of bright colors. Take your pick from polyester, polyethylene or Mylar®, Teflon®, Halar®, Fiberglass sleeving. Braided sleeving is sold by the foot or in bulk packaging. These wire sleeves are great for gift giving, too.

When couplings and connectors prohibit the use of expandable sleeving, this vendor's Side-Entry products provide the ideal solution. These innovative wire sleeves offer the best of both worlds: 360 degrees of protection and the elimination of the need to disconnect bulky connectors and clamps.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 19:26