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Cord Covers, Cable Covers and Cable Protectors

At construction sites and other unconventional work environments, large cables or pipes must often be stretched across a work site to transport electricity, electronic data, water or compressed air. From this, many problems can occur. Continual foot or vehicle traffic may disrupt permanently damage the cables.
For this our vendor partner offers a series of durable, traffic-resistant cable protectors.

If you've ever used duct tape to hold down cables, cords or wires, you know it's ugly, inefficient, damages the flooring and can be dangerous when it comes unstuck. Protect your valuable cables and wiring while protecting the traffic that passes over them with our cord covers, cable protectors and wire covers -- the largest selection available all in one place on the Internet!

Protecting Your Cables and Your Traffic From Harm

Whether your installation involves low-volume foot traffic or heavy duty loads, regardless of how big or small your budget, this web site features cord covers, ramps and cable protectors that can do the job. they are durable, safe, attractive and affordable. These wire covers are great for home, office, industrial, automotive, school and entertainment uses. Everywhere you find organized cables and wires, you'll find our cable protectors. Get your cable clutter under control with dependable cable covers - before a damaged wire knocks out your electrical connections or an accident leads to litigation. On this page, you'll find a wide selection of:

* Cable covers and cable protectors
* Cord protectors
* Wire covers
* ADA compliant over-cable ramps
* Extension cord covers and hose protectors
* Wiring ducts to bundle interior cables
* And other cable protection products.

For a long life, all the cable protectors we sell are constructed of the strongest, most durable materials: High-impact PVC. Flexible rubber. Tough, lightweight plastic and polyurethane. You get exactly the right cord covers constructed of the right materials for your application and your budget. Invest just once in our quality cable covers, cord protectors and ramps, and you're protected for years to come!

Thursday, January 26, 2006 19:26