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This vendors line of cable ties, wraps and clips are a handy solution when you need quick access to the cable bundle and don't want to completely encase it in a sleeve or tube. These Velcro cable ties and clips are perfect as computer cable organizers. Get the jungle of cables out of your home or office with these unique electrical and computer cable organizers. From the rubber grommet to the cable turtle, this vendor carries unique cable organization solutions.

Here's a quick look at the cable strap and rubber grommet varieties as well as computer cable organizers you'll find on this page and what they do best:

* Cable Turtle: Coils up electrical cords and hides them
* Nylon Cable Tie: Strong, cheap and disposable
* VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Wraps: These Velcro cable ties are like the nylon cable ties but are reusable
* Cable Manager: Flexible, expandable coil that holds many cables. Reusable
* Spiral Wrap: Protects the whole wire bundle. Allows breakouts of individual wires
* Cable Clips: hold a single cord or wire firmly in any desired route

Tip: Keep a ready supply of nylon and Velcro cable ties as well as rubber grommet pieces on hand in your home, office, garage or worksite for those emergencies when nothing else will work. You will be surprised at how many uses they have.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 19:26