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Cable Ducts And Raceways - Wire Management Systems
Non-metallic wiring management systems, such as the cable raceway, are a functional, affordable, attractive solution for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial and residential environments. This vendor's line of extruded cable ducts and raceways includes a full complement of accessories, such as pre-applied adhesive backing, fittings, and inside and outside corners, so your wire management systems can be 100% customized. Network administrators in schools, hospitals (laboratories, MRI, OR, ER), offices, warehouses, etc. choose cable raceway and tray cable products because they maximize system performance and allow moves, add-ons and changes without costly system upgrades. They often choose our UL listed Tray Cable. Cable ducts and raceways are also a great solution for perimeter and open-office cable routing in work areas as well as in the Home Theater business. They are designed to maintain proper bend radius control for high performance copper and fiber-optic cabling.

Tray Cable, Raceway & Wiring Duct Products - Quality You Can Depend On
This vendor's wiring duct products provide a convenient and safe way to channel wire or cable. Each wiring duct is made of high impact, rigid PVC, rated as one of the industry's highest rated heat deflection temperatures, which minimizes distortion at elevated temperatures. All parts are made of strong, durable, lightweight, UL 94-VO compliant flame resistant PVC that can also be painted to perfectly match walls, ceilings and even baseboards. Their tray cable as well as cable raceway and wiring duct products can hold, guide and protect wires and cables up to 300 Volts.

Custom colors are available upon request.
Easy paintable with water base or oil base.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 19:26