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Tools To Disentangle Your Life: Hot Knives & Heat Gun Collection: provides a variety of hot knives, heat gun instruments for tasks like handling braided sleeving, heat shrink, and ropes. Products like the heat gun can be used for heat shrink tubing, stretching and bending, vinyl (PVC) and other plastics, and activating hot melt adhesives. Most heat gun instruments come with a heat reflector to ensure consistent heating on all sides. These torches, heat gun implements, hot knives and soldering irons are essential for all your braided sleeving needs. They neatly cut the sleevings in one shot with the hot knife tip so they become fray resistant. Then, with just the switch of a tip, they become a heat gun for your heat shrink terminators, or even a soldering iron for your common household needs.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 19:26