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Cable Management Made Easy!
Take a peek under your desk right now. Go ahead. If you see a mess of wires and cables going off in all directions like the arms of an octopus, you need to tame that beast! You'll find an inexpensive cable management solution right here with our wide split wire loom, flexible conduit collection and cable tunnel. A split wire loom is a flexible polyurethane corrugated tube with a split down the side where you enter your cable bundle. If you have to add another wire later on, you can easily slip it into the split wire loom or engine wire loom without removing the whole bundle.
Why bother with cable management, you ask? First, you'll love the way your workspace looks without that tangle of wires. neat and under control. Secondly, your office or home will be safer without cords and wires lying underfoot and tripping you up. Plus, your electrical wires will be protected from pets or infants that like to chew, too.

See the engine wire loom and flexible conduit in action for Office equipment:

* Home computers
* Home entertainment systems
* Household appliances
* Industrial, automotive or theatrical wiring
* Anywhere wires and cables are an eyesore and a danger
* Protects your wiring from pets chewing and helps protect your pets as well

Whether your wiring octopus is at work, in your home office or lurking behind your home entertainment center, these cable management solutions (like the engine wire loom) will improve the look of your space and make it safer. all for just a few dollars. Prices for these products, like the flexible conduit, are surprisingly affordable, starting at just $4.95. Available in lengths from 5' up to 3200'.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 19:26