Hard-to-Find, Wholesale-Priced Computer Parts

Our featured merchant on this page buys its products from an enormous list of OEM’s, retailers, auction houses, government institutions and liquidators. Purchases are also made from bankrupt stock, closeouts and manufacturer excess to name just a few sources. Their vast experience in computer hardware surplus sales is second to no one. Their staff is always ready to offer you the lowest prices in America on every item sold.

Here are our product lists. Items are in alphabetical order, starting with symbols and numbers:

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This vendor is not a broker. They are a stocking warehouse which enables us to deliver New, Refurbished and Used products for a fraction of the original cost and always below current markets. Warranties apply on over 99% of our products, new and used.

Over the past 25 years that their buyers have been in the computer surplus industry, they have made literally thousands of deals and if it’s not a deal, there is no deal. They buy so low so you can be confident your purchase is the best deal anywhere. They buy ridiculously low so they can sell ridiculously low.

So, if you’re looking for that hard-to-find part, last year’s hot item, a second computer for your family, or an upgrade at the office at huge savings, you came to the right web site. We (and our merchant partner) always aim to offer a complete listing of New, Open Boxed, Pulls, Refurbished and Used computer products at guaranteed lowest pricing in America. How else could this vendor be "America’s Surplus Source?"