11-Bay ATX Case w/300W Power Supply (Black)

11-Bay ATX Case w/300W Power Supply (Black)
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** Black 11-Bay ATX Case w/P4-rated 300 watt Power Supply **This stylish black 11-bay case has plenty of room for micro or full-ATX motherboards, and all the drives most people would want in their computer. The power supply in this case is rated at 300 watts, more than enough for most Pentium 4 systems (not recommended for Athlon or Duron processors). Also includes 2 USB ports in the front of the case. General Features:- Stylish black exterior- Includes 300-watt ATX 100-230V switchable power supply - ATX motherboard power connector- Includes an ATX auxiliary power and ATX 12V connectors- Four (4) large drive connectors- One (1) small drive connector- Supports Four (4) 3 x 3-inch fan mounts on front (fans not included)- Two (2) 3 x 3-inch fan mounts on rear (fans not included)- Two (2) front mounted USB ports (USB 1.1 rated only)- Power switch- Reset switch- Power LED indicator- HDD Access LED indicator- Premounted PC Piezo Speaker- Both exterior side panels removable for easy installationAvailable Drive Bays:- Four (4) externally available 5.25-inch drive bays- Two (2) externally available 3.5-inch drive bays- Five (5) internally available 3.5-inch drive baysExpansion Slots:- Seven (7) punch-out expansion slotsDimensions:- 16.5 x 8 x 18.5-inches (H x W xD)Supported Motherboard Form Factors:- ATX- MicroATX- MiniATX- BabyATX- BabyAT (if it has an ATX power connector)Power Supply Specifications:- Power Supply is manually switchable between 115v/230v- Overload protection is built in- 115V ~ 10.0A @ 60Hz- 230V ~ 5.0A @ 50Hz- + 5V ~ 20A maximum- + 3.3V ~ 16A maximum- + 12V ~ 12A maximum- -5V ~ 0.3A maximum- -12V ~ 1A maximum- + 5Vsb ~ 2A maximum- +3.3V and +5.0V leads cannot exceed 180W (total output)Package Includes:- Black Case- Power Cord- 300 Watt Power Supply (preinstalled)- Screw Pack- Venus Back-Plate (preinstalled) Compatibility/Requirements/Disclosures:** Requirements *** ATX motherboard* Rest of system* Available power outlet

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