2-Foot Round UDMA/133 IDE Cable - Clear Silver

2-Foot Round UDMA/133 IDE Cable - Clear Silver
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** Round 2-Foot Clear Silver UDMA/133 Cable **For the customers that want to make their computer a showcase - we have now got the perfect accessory! This Clear Silver UDMA/133 Cable is not the normal ribbon cable that you expect to see hooking up all those IDE devices, instead it is wrapped in a cool looking clear vinyl protective cover that shows the silver braiding underneath. This cable will bring some class and coolness to any computer system!General Features:- UDMA/133 IDE Cable (backwards compatible)- Standard 40-pin / 80-wire setup- Clear Vinyl Round Cable Design (shows silver braiding)- 24-inches (2-feet) Long- Three (3) 40-PIN IDE Connectors- Number 20-pin Blocked (this is standard)Notes:- Cable Only Compatibility/Requirements/Disclosures: ** Requirements *** The need for this cable

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