256MB DDR RAM PC2700 184-Pin DIMM

256MB DDR RAM PC2700 184-Pin DIMM
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** 256MB DDR RAM PC2700 184-Pin DIMM **This PC-2700 DIMM of DDR RAM provides more bandwidth by transferring data on both the rising and falling edge of theclock cycle resulting in faster access time to and from the RAM. This is a great way to upgrade your workstation orserver while saving money!- 256MB DDR (Double Data Rate) RAM- PC-2700- 333MHz- 184-pin- 16c- Brand New Compatibility/Requirements/Disclosures:* Motherboard that supports 256MB PC-2700 DDR RAM ** Disclosures *** Picture is for representational purposes only** Country of Origin: China, Germany, USA, Taiwan, Korea,

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