440BX Motherboard, 300MHz CPU & 64MB Combo

440BX Motherboard, 300MHz CPU & 64MB Combo
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** 440BX Motherboard, 300MHz CPU & 64MB Combo **Here is a great, quality, value priced combo. It includes an Intel 6BXA-42 440BX motherboard, Intel Celeron 300MHx CPU with heat sink, and 64MB RAM. Get yours today while they're still in stock!!Motherboard Features:- Intel 440BX chipset - Slot 1- ATX Form Factor- Three (3) DIMM slots supporting PC66/PC100- Two (2) UDMA IDE controllers- One (1) floppy controllerProcessor support:- Pentium II 350-450MHz / 100MHz- Pentium II 233-333MHz / 66MHz- Slot 1 Celeron 266-433MHz / 66MHzExpansion Slots:- One (1) AGP slot- Three (3) PCI slots- One (1) shared PCI/ISA slot- Two (2) ISA slotsI/O Ports:- Two (2) PS/2 ports- Two (2) 9-pin standard serial ports- One (1) 25-pin standard parallel port- Two (2) USB portsCPU & Heat Sink Features:- Intel Celeron 300MHz- Slot 1 SEC- 128KB L2 cache- 66MHz FSB- MMX instructions set- Heavy duty heat sinkIncludes:- Intel Celeron 300MHz CPU & heat sink- Intel 6BXA-42 440BX ATX Motherboard- 64MB RAM

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