AMD Opteron processor Model 248 Retail

AMD Opteron processor Model 248 Retail
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Flexibility You'll be able to maintain ongoing software compatibility with simultaneous 32- 64 computing Operate 32-bit applications while you migrate to 64-bit computing, saving you time and money on costly software rewrites or new purchase of software Performance AMD64 Technology Shorten run-time cycles and increase bandwidth for processing computing requests, allowing you to allocate resources to other important projects, and help improve productivity. Improve throughput for network interconnects to help speed important decision support data to those who need it Sclalbility HyperTransport™ technology allows for coherent multiple processors in a single system design delivering the computing power you need to work fast Integrated Memory controller cuts latency and feeds data to the processor quickly, which can save you time and money. Investment Protection Protect the existing investment in hardware/software infrastructures and IT/engineering knowledge base. Customers can save training costs because engineers and staff will be working within a familiar x86 software and hardware environment Specification: Mfr Part Number:OSA248AUBOX Model Number:248 Frequency:2.2 GHz HT Speed:800MHz L2 Cache Size:1MB Socket:940 Mfr. Tech.:0.13 micron SOI

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