AdSubtract Pro 3 - CD Only

AdSubtract Pro 3 - CD Only
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** AdSubtract Pro 3 - CD Only **Search Sanity continues to let you block search engine ads, even after the trial period is over. InterMute believes search results should be free of the bias presented by "sponsored" search listings. Relevance should not be for sale to the highest bidder. With Search Sanity, you can block sponsored search results, so the Web sites most relevant to a search are featured ahead of advertised sites.- Block All Sorts Of Online AdsAdSubtract PRO blocks banner ads, Pop-Up and Pop-Under ads, text ads and multimedia ads. It also silences Web site sounds and other bothersome multimedia animation. And with AdSubtract PRO 3, Pop-Up blocking has gotten smarter! Choose “intelligent blocking” to enable InterMute’s SmartPOP technology or “aggressive blocking” to prevent any Pop-Ups from appearing. - Search Sanity™AdSubtract’s new Search Sanity™ feature lets you put relevance back into your search engine results. Search Sanity allows you to block “paid” or “sponsored” listings from showing up in your query results. See the most relevant results first, not the highest paying advertiser. Search Sanity works with popular search engines including, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves. AllTheWeb and LookSmart. - Contextual AdsIt looks like content, it acts like content, but it’s not content. Many Web sites now integrate text into the content of the site. Just one more way to get you to look at ads! AdSubtract PRO 3 takes ad blocking to the next level by filtering out unwanted content related ads. - The Web Your Way™AdSubtract’s "Bypass" feature allows you to identify specific Web sites you want AdSubtract’s filtering to avoid. In addition, you can block just about any Web image. A simple right-click of the mouse over an image activates the "Cloak" feature and provides a solution for eliminating even more clutter. - Redirect Protect™Don’t be dragged somewhere you don’t want to go to on the Internet. With AdSubtract’s RedirectProtect feature, misspelled or unavailable Web sites will not force your browser to MSN Search or Verisign’s Site Finder Web site. - PC CleaningAdSubtract contains a powerful cleaning agent that can erase traces of your PC usage. With a click of the mouse you can remove your cookies, browser cache, browser history, search history, temporary files, document history, run history and empty your recycle bin. - Bright New User InterfaceAdSubtract PRO 3 has an all-new look and feel that’s easy to navigate and simple to use. AdSubtract allows you to customize its look and feel by choosing a color and sound scheme. Have fun hearing machine guns blow away ads as they’re blocked! You can also add your own custom sounds to further personalize AdSubtract. - Simple Cookie ControlCookies can be used to track your Web surfing habits, but AdSubtract makes managing your cookies simple. The cookie panel shows "profiling" or "tracking" cookies in red. These cookies are often placed on your PC by ad-servers and are used to track your online behavior. AdSubtract helps prevent you from being profiled and tracked. "Good" cookies that you wish to keep can be moved to the Trusted Cookies area. - Surf The Web FasterUsers can surf the Web faster by stopping ad downloads with AdSubtract. By halting online ads, you will be using less bandwidth, allowing Web pages to load faster. AdSubtract PRO 3 is optimized for use with a broadband or dial-up connection, improving your surfing experience. - Ad Database UpdatesThe AdSubtract ad definitions are updated regularly to keep up with the ever-changing ad servers, sizes and technologies. AdSubtract PRO includes 12 months of updates to keep your Web browsing ad free. - CompatibiliyAdSubtract PRO supports Windows XP/2000/Me/98 SE and requires Internet Explorer. Notes:- Picture is for representational purposes only- OEM CD ONLY

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