All-In-1 CRU281B USB2.0 Internal Card Reader (Black)

All-In-1 CRU281B USB2.0 Internal Card Reader (Black)
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Specification Mfr Part Number: CRU281B Color: Black Features: 1.Industrial Design: The case is designed to apply the unit into the place of a 3.5 floppy diskette drive of desktop PC. The conventional 3.5 FDD front panel space must be available for accessing all flash memory cards. 2.This card reader (CRU28IW/B) is designed to bundle with desktop PC; a cable is provided for connecting CRU28IW/B directly to the USB host jumper on the motherboard. One extra USB host port is integrated with CRU28IW/B for users to apply any USB device directly from the front side of PC. 3.CRU28IW/B is compliant with Universal Serial Bus specification rev. 2.0, USB Storage Class specification ver.1.0, and flash card interface specification. It supports USB 2.0 high-speed transmission (up to 480Mbps) to CompactFlash TM (CF), Micro Drive, SmartMediaTM (SM), Secure Digital TM (SD), Multi Media Card TM (MMC), MemoryStick TM (MS), and MemoryStick ProTM (MS pro) interfaces. XD-Picture Card TM is optional. 4.For Compact Flash TM interface: Supports address up to 16 bits, with fix and incremental mode. Supports 8 / 16 bit data mode and different timing. Supports WAIT# detection. Supports multi signal level (3.3 / 5V). 5.For SmartMediaTM interface: Supports address up to 4 bytes, 8 bit data width and different speed. Supports different page size, and automatic append redundant area data (8/16 bytes). Hardware ECC generation and verification. Supports firmware correct page ECC error capability. Supports automatic page copy (source page read + destination page write). 6.For MemoryStickTM interface: Complies with MemoryStick interface specification. Supports hardware BS/SDIO/SCLK signals. Supports INS signal. Supports automatic CRC16 generation and verification. Supports hardware CMD timeout detection. Supports different clock rate up to 24 MHz. 7.For Secure Digital TM / Multi Media Card TM interface: Complies with Secure Digital / MMC interface specification. Supports both SD / MMC mode access: CLK/CMD/DAT0/DAT1/DAT2/DAT3. Command transmit and response receive can be enabled separately. Automatic CRC7 generation for command and CRC7 verification for response on CMD. Supports automatic CRC16 generation and verification on DAT3-0. In addition to full packet transaction, optional single byte/ bit operation on both CMD and DAT line/ lines. Data processing in block or byte. Supports different clock rate from 375 KHz to 24 MHz. 8.Operating System supported: Win XP/ 2000/ Me/ 98SE, Mac OS 9.x/ X.

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