Asus NCCH-DL Dual Xeon/875P/64Bit/FSB800/GBE/ATX Motherboard

Asus NCCH-DL Dual Xeon/875P/64Bit/FSB800/GBE/ATX Motherboard
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Specification Mfr Part Number: NCCH-DL Processor: Supported CPUs: Dual Intel Nocona XEON FSB: 800 / 533MHz Maximum CPU Frequency: 3.6GHz+ L2 Cache: 1MB Core Logic: North Bridge: Intel 875P South Bridge: Intel 6300ESB ICH Memory: Memory Supported: Dual Channel DDR400 ECC Unbuffered Maximum Memory/Slot: 4GB /4 Slots Expansion Slots: 32bit PCI x2; 64bit PCI-X / PCI x2(PCI-X) IO Controller(SATA): Promise PDC20319, 4 Ports; Intel 6300ESB, 2 Ports On Board LAN: Chipset Intel PRO/1000 CT Network Connection On Board Connectors: Floppy Connector x1 PSU Connector: SSI 24-pin + 12V 8-pin AGP Slot x1 IEEE1394 Fan x6 SMBus x1 Chassis Instrusion x1 Game Port x1 Rear IO Connectors: External Serial Port x2 External USB Port x4 IEEE1394 x1 Mic/Line-in/Line-out x1 RJ-45 x1 PS/2 Mouse/Mouse x1 Board Size/Form Factor: 12" x 9.8", ATX

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