Asus NCL-DS Dual Xeon/E7520/FSB800/DDR400/SCSI/EATX Motherboard

Asus NCL-DS Dual Xeon/E7520/FSB800/DDR400/SCSI/EATX Motherboard
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Specification Mfr Part Number: NCL-DS CPU: Support Dual Xeon With 1M/L2 Cache Up To 3.6GHz; FSB 800MHz Chipset: Intel E7520(Lindenhurst)/ICH5R Chipset Memory: 8* DIMMs Support ECC/Registered DDR400 Upto 16GB (Dual-channgel) SATA/SCSI: 2*SATA(ICH5R); AIC-7902 PCI-X Dual U320 SCSI Controllers RAID: 1* Mini PCI-X Slot Support Adaptec AIC-2015 Zero-channgel RAID Video: ATI Rage-XL 8MB Graphics Slot: 1* PCI-Express X4, 3* PCI-X/64bit/133MHz, 1* PCI-X/64bit/100MHz, 1*PCI, 1*mini PCI-X Slot For ZCR LAN: 2* Broadcom BCM5721 Gigabit LAN Ports: Max. 4*USB2.0 Form Factor: Extended ATX(12"x13") Package: Retail

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