Socket 478 Heat Sink and Fan up to 3.6GHz

Socket 478 Heat Sink and Fan up to 3.6GHz
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** Socket 478 Heat Sink and Fan up to 3.6GHz **Keep your Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 processorsrunning cool and extend the life of your CPU!This Socket 478 Heat Sink and Fan featuresan Aluminum Heat Sink and dual copper heatpipe to keep the CPU temperature cool. Order this easyto install Heat sink and fan today! General Features:- Dual Copper Heatpipe- Aluminum Heat Sink- For Socket 478 processors- Easy installation- 12V Ball bearing fan- Rated speed: 3,700 RPM +/-10% - Rated power: 3.0 W - Noise level: 29.7 dBA - Air flow: 28.0 CFM at 3,700 RPM - Current: 0.25 A - Connector: 3 Pin, mainboard Supported Processors:- Intel Pentium 4 ~ 3.6 GHz (Prescott) - Intel Pentium 4 ~ 3.4 GHz (Willamette/HT NW) - Intel Celeron D ~ 3.06 GHz (345) - Intel Celeron ~ 2.8 GHz (FC-PGA2) Regulatory Approvals:- UL- CERetail Package Includes:- Socket 478 Heat Sink and Fan- Thermal grease compound (Injection tube)- Retention clips Compatibility/Requirements/Disclosures: ** Requirements *** Supported Processor* 3-pin power connector for fan

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