Sony SDX-500C/L 50/130GB AIT2 Internal Tape Drive

Sony SDX-500C/L 50/130GB AIT2 Internal Tape Drive
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** Sony SDX-500C/L 50/130-GB AIT2 Internal Tape Drive **High capacity, high performanceSony AIT-2 tape drives deliver up to 130 GB capacity (with 2.6:1 compression) in a compact, 8mm data cartridge. Helical scan technology increases data recording density, while offering fast data transfer rates of up to 15.6 MB/sFast access to data with MICThe unique Memory-In-Cassette feature of Sony AIT drives, with 64 kb of built-in programmable memory, speeds access to data, providing fast loading (less than 10 seconds) and quick file access (27 to 37 seconds).Backward CompatibilitySony AIT-2 tape drives are fully read and write compatible with both AIT-2 media, 36 GB and 50 GB data cartridges, and AIT-1 media, 25 GB and 35 GB data cartridges. Backward compatibility helps protect your investment in the valuable data you already have stored on AIT-1 data cartridges, while delivering the increased capacity and performance of AIT-2 technology.High reliabilitySony AIT tape drives incorporate a redesigned head geometry, reducing head/tape pressure and delivering up to 50,000 hours of head life. The built-in Active Head Cleaner mechanism results in an industry leading MTBF rating of 300,000 POH.Compact form factorAIT drives offer high capacity in an extremely compact 3.5-inch form factor. With a compact size a fraction of the size of other high capacity tape drive formats, AIT drives are easy to integrate into desktop workstations, servers, and automated tape libraries.Specifications:- Capacity: * Media Maximum: 130 GB (2.6:1 compression) * Hardware Maximum: 130 GB (2.6:1 compression) * Native Capacity of Media: 50 GB * Native Capacity of Hardware: 50 GB * Linear Recording Density: 167,000 bpi * Recording Block Length: Variable or fixed length blocks - Transfer Rate: * Sustained Transfer Rate: 12.0 MB/s (Compressed) - 6.0 MB/s (Native) * Burst Transfer Rate: 12.0 MB/s (Async., Max.) - 40.0 MB/s (Sync., Max.) - Speed: * Access Time (Avg.): 27 s (with MIC) * Search Speed: 1,440 MB/s (Compressed) - 720 MB/s (Native) * Rewind Speed : 160 inches/s (Max.) * Drum Rotational Speed : 6,400 rpm * Media Load Time (Avg.): 10 s (with MIC) - Buffer Memory: 10 MB - Interface: * Drive: Wide Ultra SCSI * Single-ended / Low Voltage Differential * 68-Pin ConnectorNotes:- Clean pulls from $24,000 Qualstar Tape Library Systems- Used but have been tested are in perfect condition

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