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Soar's 3200 Series 3-1 digit multimeters combine the features of a state-of-the-art digital multimeter with an analog bar graph display. The high-resolution 3200-count digital display delivers the resolution of much costlier 4-1/2 digit meters for measurements above 2,000 counts. The 32-segment bar graph display is ideal for readings that change-peaking, nulling and observing trends. These DMMs are simple to use. Just select your function with the handy 8-position rotary switch and test. The meter automatically selects the range with the greatest accuracy and resolution. The function and measurement range are even shown on the LCD

The SA-600 offers a safe 20V handpiece with a 65W heating element for excellent heat recovery and temperature stability.

The high mass desoldering nozzles provide superior heat capacity, allowing efficient solder flow at lower temperatures. Featuring vacuum and hot air blow functions, the SA-600 has a variable temperature range of 660° F (350° C) to 840° F (450° C). display. Touching the RANGE button on Models 3220 and 3230 prevents the instrument from changing ranges, which saves time for repetitive go /no-go checks. Both models also have an audible continuity feature which causes the meter to beep when the circuit under test is closed. After pressing the DATA-H button on Model 3230, the meter captures the measurement, beeps, and locks it on the display so you can focus your attention on the probes and circuit. With this data hold feature, the DMM automatically updates for each new measurement. All 3200 Series multimeters come with safety test leads, operator's manual, batteries, spare fuse, and 3-year warranty. And each meter is priced under $100. For further details write or call: HMC Co. P.O. Box #526, Canton, MA 02021 (617) 821-1870.


OK INDUSTRIES addresses the problem of desoldering PCB's with high thermal demands by introducing a new high power desoldering station. The SA-600 design incorporates a unique high capacity nozzle, high power heating element and quick-rise vacuum pump (21 "Hg) to optimize efficiency.

This desirable combination of high vacuum pressure for suction and high heat capacity nozzles contribute to the SA-600 being a performance leader for desoldering and rework operations.

The SA-600 is sold through OK Industries authorized distributors at a list price of $557.50. For more information, contact OK Industries, Inc., 4 Executive Plaza, Yonkers, N.Y. 10701 or call: 1 800-523-0667.


MFJ Enterprises, Inc. announces the release of new Mobile and Desktop HT Holders for only... $9.95 each.

These handy new MFJ HT holders help you make sure your handheld stays where you put it--in your car or on a crowded table or desk. MFJ-24 has a strip of durable plastic that bends to fit snugly over your car door, front seat or other area.

MFJ-25 stands on your table or desktop.

They're an economical way to help guard against dropping your expensive HT. Both units provide for both large and small HTs.

For more information contact any MFJ dealer or MFJ Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 494, Mississippi State, MS 39762, or call (601) 323-5869, Telex: 53 4590 MFJSTKV, FAX: (601) 323-6551, or order toll free at 800-647-1800.


Beckman Industrial's Model RMS225 is a full function, auto ranging, 4-digit multimeter that combines 10,000-count resolution, true RMS measurement accuracy, and a 41-segment analog bar graph display. With a simple two-button menu selection scheme, you can engage the four special measurement modes of Range Lock, Probe Hold, Relative Mode and Auto Min /IV ax. Other features include a battery-saving Auto Power Down mode and Overload Alert, which warns you if the meter input ratings are exceeded. The high performance, dependable, and easy-to-use Model RMS225 comes complete with test leads, protective holster, self-resetting fuse, and a 3-year warranty.

For further details, contact HMC, 33 Springdale Avenue, Canton, MA 02021, Phone (617) 821-1870, FAX (617) 821-4133.


From Contact East a new programmable soldering station that has a tamper-proof temperature setting, quick heat up, and increased thermal recovery permitting consistent, high quality soldering, with less dwell time on multilayered boards and heavy ground planes. Temperature can be set on the digital key pad, from 400° to 899° F, with an accuracy of +/- 0.9° F. Once the temperature is set, unauthorized personnel cannot change the setting without the programming card. The temperature memory system allows the iron to be shut off and turned on without having to reset the iron each time. The housing, iron and cord are made of static dissipative material-ideal for static-safe areas. Resistance to ground is less than 2 ohms, and leak voltage is less than 0.6mV. Priced at $299.00, hobbyists may find the cost a little steep for their workbench but for the hobbyist who has everything, this has to be the ultimate in soldering iron stations.

The station comes complete with iron-holder, sponge, programming card, 50W iron (with A1016 tip) and operates on a 115VAC (3 wire cord). For additional details and /or information, write or call Contact East, 335 Willow Street, North Andover, MA 01845 (508) 682-2000.


From Ramsey Electronics, Inc., Do-It-Yourself kits to build a Shortwave Receiver that will tune in the world with a 12" antenna (SR-1 $27.95). This little Receiver can receive any 2MHz portion from 4 to 11 MHz. A true superhet with smooth varactor tuning, AGC, RF gain control, plenty of speaker volume and runs on a 9V battery.

With SC-1 Shortwave Converter Kit ($24.95), it can convert your car radio to two switchable bands, each 1MHZ wide-tunable on your car radio dial... An opportunity to add some fun to your drive time.

Aircraft Receiver (AR-1 $24.95) kit lets you listen to exciting aircraft communications. Picks up planes up to 100 miles away. The AR-1 receives 110-136 MHz AM air band with smooth varactor tuning, superhet with AGC, ceramic filter, adjustable squelch, excellent sensitivity and lots of speaker volume. It runs on a 9V battery and is ideal for air shows or just hanging around the airport. 30 page manual not only provides step-by-step instructions but provides details on "pilot talk" also.

Detailed instruction manuals make these kits easy and fun to assemble. For more information contact Ramsey Electronics, Inc., 793 Canning Parkway, Victor, N.Y. 14564. (716) 924-4560, FAX (716) 924-4555.


Substitution boxes are economical, indispensable tools used in a variety of engineering, design, troubleshooting and service applications. With convenient side-by-side thumbwheel switches, you can easily dial in the desired resistance, capacitance or inductance value.

These substitution boxes are used to set resistance, capacitance and inductance values for engineering, design, troubleshooting and service applications.

Just dial in the desired value using convenient side-by-side thumb wheel switches-no fumbling with multiple slide or rotary switches. Different colored switches separate the various impedance ranges. Since the impedance values are set and read directly, no mistakes can be made as with rotary or slide switch decade boxes. There's no need to examine groups of switches-simply read one number. Made of high impact plastic, these substituters are very portable and reduce clutter on a busy lab bench.

Four series of substitution boxes are available: RS Series sets resistance; CS Series sets capacitance; RCS Series sets both resistance and capacitance; and LS Series sets inductance. For details contact: HMC, P.O. Box 526, Canton, MA 02021-(617) 821-1870


Strap Loc Continuous Length Cable Ties reduce the need for stocking many different lengths of cable ties. The ties are cut from a spool, assembled with a lock, and used like any cable tie. No special tools are required. Waste is dramatically reduced because any excess can be reused. Unique features include ability to fasten and bundle large objects, separate and space wires and cables, fasten through panels, and multiple wrapping for extra high tensile strength applications. Stainless steel and nylon locking device features low insertion force, instant locking, and infinite adjustability.

Strap Loc Continuous Length Cable Ties are now available in two new smaller package sizes (250 Ft. & 500 Ft.) for added convenience and ease of use.

For more information call or write:

ADVANCED CABLE ELECTRONICS CORP., P.O. BOX #1291, Westboro, MA 01581, Tel: (508) 366-0669.


The stylish 8MC Series lamps utilize a 22-watt circline fluorescent tube to cast an even glow on your task for optimum brightness and accuracy. It reduces eyestrain and fatigue by combining the two key factors in aiding vision-light and magnification. The contemporary "floating arm" lets you position the light source with the touch of a finger, and keeps it in place so your hands remain free to perform other tasks. The 5-inch crown optical glass lenses are available in 3-diopter ( +75% magnification) and 5-diopter ( +125 %). Another option is an 11-diopter ( +275 %) lens system with a 3-inch viewing area. For precise inspection, a 4-power, 16 diopter lens system is offered which meets government standard MIL-STD-2000.

For more details, contact HMC, 33 Springdale Avenue, Canton, MA 02021. Phone (617) 821-1870, FAX (617) 821-4133.

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adapted from: Electronics Handbook Vol. X

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