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A Shocking Offer!

Now you don't have to be enrolled at CIE to receive our introductory Electronic and Electricity Lesson Modules.

This program is available for a limited time to nonstudents for the shockingly low price of only $99.50. With CIE's patented AUTO-PROGRAMMED method of learning you will quickly learn and then master the basics of electronics and electricity and then move on to... DC /AC circuit theories, fundamentals of bi-polar junction transistors (BJT), field effect transistors (FET), wiring, diagram and schematic readings, component identification, soldering techniques... and much, much, more. This introductory offer includes the first 39 lessons in CIE's Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology Degree.

Your commitment to CIE ends with your payment, but CIE's commitment to your success just begins when you receive your lessons, exams, binder and equipment. This special introducer victory price includes all the benefits and assistance CIE normally extends to its full time students. You'll be entitled to unlimited access to CIE's faculty and staff to assist you in your studies via a toll free 800 number six days a week, 24-hour turnaround on grading your submitted exams, CIE bookstore privileges, a patented learning method, reference library, access to CIE's electronic bulletin board and a free issue of CIE's school newspaper The Electron.

And best of all, when you decide to continue your electronics education in any of CIE's programs you'll receive full academic credit for successful lessons submitted and a $100.00 Tuition Credit Certificate.

All this knowledge and support will put you on the road to understanding digital electronics, automotive and industrial electronics, microprocessing principals, computer systems, telecommunications and much, much, more.

$100.00 Tuition Credit Academic Credit

Free issue of The Electron

Build your personal burglar alarm

Toll Free Instructor Assistance 24-hour grading CIE bookstore privileges 39 theory and hands-on training lessons and exams.

Patented learning method CIE electronic bulletin board privileges

Yes! Send me CIE's Introductory Electronic and Electricity Lessons and Equipment. A7317

Name Street: Apt #: City: State: Zip: Age, Phone:

1776 East 17th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Graduate as a Fully Trained Electronics Professional:

If you want to learn about electronics, and earn a good income with that knowledge, then CIE is the best educational value you can receive.

CIE's reputation as the world leader in home study electronics is based solely on the success of our graduates. And we've earned our reputation with an unconditional commitment to provide our students with the very best electronics training.

Just ask any of the 150,000-plus graduates of the Cleveland Institute of Electronics who are working in high-paying positions with aerospace, computer, medical, automotive and communications firms throughout the world.

They'll tell you success didn't come easy...but it did come...thanks to their CIE training. And today, a career in electronics offers more rewards than ever before.

CIE'S COMMITTED TO BEING THE BEST... IN ONE AREA ... ELECTRONICS. CIE isn't another be everything–to-everyone school. CIE teaches only one subject and we believe we're the best at what we do. Also, CIE is accredited by the National Home Study Council. And with more than 1,000 graduates each year, we're the largest home study school specializing exclusively in electronics. CIE has been training career minded students like yourself for nearly sixty years and we're the best at our subject.... ELECTRONICS... BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY SUBJECT WE TEACH! CIE PROVIDES A LEARNING METHOD SO GOOD IT'S PATENTED. CIE's AUTO-PROGRAMMED lessons are a proven learning method for building valuable electronics career skills. Each lesson is designed to take you step-by-step and principle –by-principal. And while all of CIE lessons are designed for independent study, CIE's instructors are personally available to assist you with just a toll free call. The result is practical training... the kind of experience you can put to work in today's marketplace.

LEARN BY DOING..WITH STATE-OFTHE-ART EQUIPMENT AND TRAINING. CIE pioneered the first Electronics Laboratory Course and the first Microprocessor Course. Today, no other home study school can match CIE's state-of-the-art equipment and training. And all your laboratory equipment, books and lessons are included in your tuition. It's all yours to use while you study and for on –the-job after you graduate.

PERSONALIZED TRAINING ... TO MATCH YOUR BACKGROUND. While some of our students have a working knowledge of electronics others are just starting out. That's why CIE has developed twelve career courses and an A.A.S. Degree program to choose from. So, even if you're not sure which electronics career is best for you, CIE can get you started with core lessons applicable to all areas in electronics. And every CIE Course earns credit towards the completion of your Associate in Applied Science Degree. So you can work toward your degree in stages or as fast as you wish. In fact, CIE is the only school that actually rewards you for fast study, which can save you money.



Published exclusively by CIE for our students and alumni. Yours free when you request a CIE Course Catalog.

YES! I want to get started. Send me my CIE course catalog including details about the Associate Degree Program. (For your convenience, CIE will have a representative contact you there is no obligation.) Please print clearly AE46 r Name Address City State Zip Age Phone No

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1776 East 17th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44114

A School of Thousands.

A Class of One. Since 1934.


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