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RCL METER. A new meter will give incoming inspection and quality-control personnel responsible for passive electronic components a tool for faster testing. Fluke's PM 6304 Automatic RCL Meter includes such options as RS-232 GPIB interfaces, component binning, DC resistance measurements, and component testing software. The new unit is a "big brother" to the PM 6303A RCL meter, and it features the same easy –to-read LCD readout and. automatic operation, plus improved basic measurement capability and remote programmability. The unit offers 204 test frequencies from 50 Hz to 100 kHz, 0.1% basic accuracy, front-panel set-ups in memory, measurement rates up to 10 readings per second, and selectable 2-volt, 1volt, and 50-mV test levels The "Inspector" PC based software package features such functions as instrument programming and setup, automation of the data collection process, save and recall of component data from mass storage and component analysis using histograms.

Others are simple statistics and plotting, and controlling and setting up the component binning function. The data collected can be exported in standard Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel formats for statistical quality control programs. The PM 6304 connects to a PC via optional IEEE-488 or RS-232 interfaces.

The binning feature sorts electronic components into as many as 10 bins to maintain tighter control tolerances for critical component values. The RCL meter includes a separate interface card with lamp-driver outputs to connect to component bins, as well as a trigger input for operator-initiated measurements.

The PM 6304 RCL Meter has a list price of $2195.

John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 9090, M/S 250-E Everett, WA 98206.

Phone: 800-44FLUKE.

LCR BRIDGE WITH STATISTICAL FUNCTIONS. The Model 878 LCR bridge offers the features of an expensive bench bridge at the price of a handheld capacitance meter. According to B +K Precision, it is the first handheld LCR Bridge to simultaneously display measured inductance or capacitance with Q or dissipation factor. It is the first to remember minimum and maximum tested components values, and calculate a running average, and the first to let the user select a 1%, 5 %, or 10% tolerance around a reference value. The meter beeps when a component is out of tolerance.

The Model 878 measures capacitance, resistance, and inductance with accuracy comparable to that of more expensive benchtop models. Its relative mode displays the difference between the measured and reference component values. Two selectable test frequencies (120 Hz and 1 kHz) are available, and the user can switch between auto and manual ranging. The LCR bridge comes with a pair of test leads, an AC adapter, and an instruction manual.

The Model 878 LCR bridge has a list price of $275.

B + K Precision 6470 West Cortland Street Chicago, IL 60635

Phone: 312-889-1448; Fax: 312-794-9740

DC POWER SUPPLIES. A series of compact single-, dual-, and triple-output DC power supplies from Protek includes power-saving circuitry to assure cooler operation. The series consists of four models, each offering precise current-level and voltage setting functions, and incorporating two 3-digit LED readouts for simultaneous monitoring of operational status. The red LED's indicate current and the green LED's indicate voltage.

They also provide overload indication. The "energy saver" circuit automatically lowers the power ratio of the main transformer component when the output is set between preset limits.

The Model 3003 is rated at 0-30 volts, 3 amps. The Model 3006 is rated at 0-60 volts, 1.5 amps. The dual-output Model 3015 combines two regulated output circuits in the same housing, with each unit isolated for independent, parallel, or series operation.

Each has ratings of 0-30 volts and 0-1.5 amps. The triple-output Model 3033 has two independently variable outputs rated at 0-30 volts, 1.5 amps, and a third fixed output of 5 volts, 5 amps. That model also has tracking capability for its two main outputs and is said to be ideal for working with differential amplifiers.

Each unit is supplied with three 5-way output binding posts, coarse and fine voltage controls, and a set of cables.

The models 3003 and 3006 cost $249; 3015 costs $429; and 3033 costs $499.

Protek, Inc.

P.O. Box 59 Norwood, NJ 07648

Phone: 201-767-7242

Fax: 201-767-7343

12-VOLT SOLDERING IRON. For making emergency repairs or working in the field on cars, boats, or model airplanes, the Antex Model MLXS-12 Auto Repair Kit from M.M. Newman features an industrial-grade soldering iron that operates from automotive or marine 12-volt batteries.

Equipped with a 15-foot cord for mobility and two large alligator clips, it connects easily to the battery terminals. The iron heats up to 800 °F in less than two minutes, and has its heating element located directly under the tip for optimum thermal efficiency. That design keeps the handle cool for user comfort. A finger support helps improve soldering control.

The kit also includes a tip, a supply of solder, and a plastic carrying pouch.

The Antex Model MLXS-12 Auto Repair Kit costs $31.95.

M.M. Newman Corporation 24 Tioga Way, P.O. Box 615 Marblehead, MA 01945 Phone: 617631-7100 Fax: 617631-8887

MAGNETIC LONGWIRE SALON. The Model MLB-1 magnetic longwire balun from Palomar Engineers clears up noise picked up on the feedline of long random-wire antennas. The typical longwire is usually strung above household noise sources, but the single wire that connects the antenna to the radio drops down near the computers, light dimmers, TV's, fluorescent lights, and other sources of noise. It picks up that noise and adds it to the wanted shortwave signals.

By contrast, the MLB-1 connects at the antenna and allows the use of shielded coaxial cable between the antenna and the radio. Coaxial cable does not pick up the noise, and permits much quieter reception in noisy locations.

The balun, for reception only, works from 500 kHz to 30 MHz. An eyebolt. on top of the balun supports it from the antenna's end insulator. A Teflon-insulated wire on the side connects to the antenna. A connector is provided for the coaxial cable, which is not supplied. The balun is completely weather-proof and requires no electrical power.

Model MLB-1 costs $39.95, plus $4 shipping in the U.S. and Canada.

Palomar Engineers P.O. Box 462222 Escondido, CA 92046

Phone: 619-747-3343 Fax: 619-747-3346

DIGITAL OUTPUT CARD. Global Specialties' Model DOP-24 is a digital output card with Darlington drivers that allows relays, solenoids, stepper motors, or lamps to be driven directly in control applications. All channels are optoisolated, protecting both the card and the PC from problems due to accidental wiring.

The card provides 24 optoisolated Darlington outputs, suitable for driving DC loads in the range of 5-24 volts at currents up to 400 milliamps per channel.

The maximum output power of the card is limited to two watts, which the manufacturer says is sufficient to drive most output devices. Increased output power can be obtained by adding external relays or conditioners to handle larger loads.

The board is bitmapped and appears as three consecutive 8-bit ports. Any common programming language can be used to drive the card simply by setting a binary pattern priate port. The short card format occupies a standard PC I/O port. A 50-way insulation displacement connector is provided on the rear panel for signal connections. Access to individual channels through individual screw terminals is available with the optional ST-24 terminal block.

Program examples and full documentation are included with each card.

The Model DOP-24 costs $195.

Global Specialties 70 Fulton Terrace New Haven, CT 06512

Phone: 1800-572-1028

ESD-SAFE IC STORAGE SYSTEM. For storing, transporting, and archiving IC components, iToi Enterprises has introduced a new series of ChipSafe products that adds static-protection materials and reinforced structure. The interlocking, snap-fastened, thermoformed plastic trays of the X50 cases provide a protective, sealed enclosure for stored components. Trays are lined with a non-partitioned layers of ¼ thick foam. Heavyweight press-board panels between internal and external surfaces make up the body of the album. All of the new X50 models have a clear, fully sealed, external covers made of permanent static-dissipating plastic. In addition, all internal surfaces are coated with a durable, topical anti-static agent that is resistant to abrasion. A reinforced "scrim" spine insert made of woven polyester mesh is sealed in the spine to extend the hinge life of the products.

The ChipSafe X50 IC storage albums range in price from $7.95 to $18.95.

iToi Enterprises P.O. Box 59 Newton Highlands, MA 02161 Phone: 617-332-1010

SURGE PROTECTORS. Intermatic's Electra Guard line of six-outlet surge protectors, in a variety of different models, continuously monitor the incoming power line, cable TV line, or phone line. They operate only when a surge or spike occurs. The surge suppressor responds in less than a nanosecond by absorbing the overload while allowing normal voltage to pass through. After the surge passes, the unit automatically resets to its monitoring mode. Several models are equipped with audible alarms that warn users if the unit needs to be replaced. Plug-in outlets for protecting phone lines, fax machines, personal computers, and modems are also standard on some models.

Intended to safeguard electronic equipment, the EG63C provides heavy-duty protection and broadband noise filtering. Model EG63AC adds an audible alarm. The EG63EC TV and VCR surge protector features built-in coaxial cable protection. It offers EMI /RFI noise filtering and is sold with a six-foot, 75ohm cable. The EG63TAC fax and phone surge protector (pictured) has built-in modular phone jacks to provide maximum protection for fax machines, electronic phone systems, answering machines, and modems. The EG65AC offers maximum protection for personal computers and sensitive office equipment. It has a clamping level of 330 volts with multistage protection. It also features broad-band noise filtering and an audible alarm.

The Electra Guard surge protectors range in price from $15.95 to $34.95.

Intermatic Inc.

Intermatic Plaza Spring Grove, IL 60081

DSP56001 EMULATOR. Domain Technologies' LINK-56001 is a true emulator with symbolic, source-level debugging for the Motorola DS056001.

The unit's probe emulates all of the DSP56001's pins, addresses, and resources, and provides full-speed emulation and monitoring.

Bug trapping features include slow-motion, break-and-run, single stepping, jump over-call, break-on-data, conditional breaks, and save-on-break. With character graphics, a block of memory can be displayed graphically on the screen. Data can be displayed on the monitor in decimal, hexadecimal, fractional, binary, and ASCII formats.

LINK-56001 uses Motorola's DSP56002 to emulate the DSP56001, with the on-chip emulation debug port controlling the SDP56002. A real-time hardware breakpoint can be set on data-read, data-write, program-fetch, program-read, and address-range. Source level, C, assembly, and mixed debugging are supported. The debugger's integrated interface has an on-line assembler/disassembler/ data-editor. LINK-56001 includes mouse support, pull-down menus, color windows, and a variety of timesaving features. The device interfaces with the host PC through an included high-speed RS-232 link. , The LINK-56001 development system package, which includes the debugger (on 3.5 and 5.25-inch disks), the emulator unit, a probe, RS-232 cable, an emulation port cable, a power supply, and a user's manual, is priced at $2800. Domain Technologies, Inc. 1621 Scottsdale Drive Plano, TX 75023 Phone: 214-985-7593 Fax: 214-867-1739

800-MHz ANTENNA. One usually thinks of a Yagi antenna as an assembly of folded dipole, folded reflector, and a series of straight directors. But what about one that is an assembly of a bunch of loops on a bar? MAX System Antennas has just introduced a high-gain Yagi with 11 loop elements distributed along a bar.

The company says that their new antenna has advantages over the conventional Yagi array. The antenna is said to give clear reception for weak 800to 900-MHz signals. According to the manufacturer, no soldering or assembly is required to erect the antenna; all that's required is a cable terminated in a type-N connector. A free cellular frequency chart is included with each purchase.

The Loop Yagi is priced at $75.-MAX System Antennas, Cellular Security Group, 4 Gerring Road, Gloucester, MA 01930; Phone: 800-487-7539.


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