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Understanding Digital Troubleshooting: Third Edition; by Don L. Cannon. Sams, Division of Macmillan Computer Publishing, 11711 North College, Carmel, IN 46032, USA; Phone: 800-428-5331 or 317-573-2500; Fax: 800448-3804 or 317-573-2655; $24.95.

Digital systems must be effectively maintained if they are to operate reliably at peak performance levels. That is the central theme of Don Cannon's book on troubleshooting digital electronics. Mixing general tutorial information with "how to" instruction, the book is intended to help readers keep their digital circuits operating properly "in the pink." Intended for readers with a wide range of experience and formal technical background from the novice hobbyist to the experienced professionals, Cannon's book includes comprehensive text on basic electronic engineering concepts and the fundamentals of digital circuitry. After readers have learned (or refreshed their knowledge) of the fundamentals, they will be ready to start troubleshooting.

Cannon explains how to locate faults in digital circuitry and make repairs of increasing complexity on everything from simple control circuits to computers.

Chapters cover the techniques for troubleshooting with advanced timing techniques, analysis of serial, parallel, synchronous, and asynchronous circuits, signal tracing, and the use of logic clips and probes, and other specialized digital test equipment.

The book also covers the solution of problems in sequential logic circuits, how to test complex digital devices, and how to select logic analyzers and computer test equipment appropriate to the maintenance task at hand. Each chapter includes a self-quiz to permit readers to evaluate their progress and understanding of the subjects to which they have been introduced.

Professional Equipment, Catalog No. 33. Professional Equipment, 153 Plainview Road, Woodbury, NY 11797; Phone: 800-334-9291; Fax: 516-367-7405; free.

This 36-page catalog is a source book of information on specialty tools available for such tasks as maintaining air conditioning, heating and ventilating equipment, monitoring the environment, and inspecting industrial equipment. Pictures and information are provided in the catalog for the latest moisture meters, gas detectors, circuit analyzers, flow meters, and industrial electronic test equipment.

Catalog No. 33 will be of interest to maintenance engineers, architects, and inspectors, as well as those with responsibilities for the enforcement of electrical and fire safety codes. Use Professional Equipment's toll-free phone number to learn what specialized tools are available for your specific maintenance and inspection tasks.

Glossary of DC /DC Converter Terminology. Conversion Devices, Inc., 15 Jonathan Drive, Brockton, MA 02401; Phone: 508-559-0880; Fax: 508-559-9288; free.

This 10-page application note is the first in a planned series from Conversion Devices, a designer and manufacturer of DC /DC converters. It contains more than 180 definitions of terms commonly associated with DC /DC converters and power supplies. Arranged in alphabetical order, the technical terms are simply and completely explained.

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