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The DMM our customers designed.

Before we built the new generation Beckman Industrial Series 2000 DMMs, we asked people like you what you really want.

You want more. More test and measurement capabilities. More troubleshooting features. All in an affordable hand-held DMM. The Series 2000 features the widest range Frequency Counter in any professional DMM, a full-range Capacitance Meter, True RMS measurements, Intermittent Detection, 50 ns Pulse Detection, and Peak Measurement capabilities. Plus, the Series 2000 is the only meter to offer autoranging Min/Max recording and relative modes.

You want a DMM that's easier to use. The Series 2000's display is 25% larger, with bigger digits and backlighting for easier reading, even in the worst light. Plus the fast 4 digit display provides the high resolution needed for adjusting power supplies and generators down to 1mV. And only the Series 2000 features a menu-ing system for fast, simple feature access.

The Beckman Industrial Series 2000, priced from $209 to $279 offers you the best performance for your dollar. Look again at these features: 4 Digit, 10,000 Count Resolution Basic Accuracy to 0.1% True RMS, AC or AC on DC 0.0151 Resolution Automatic Reading Hold 1-ms Peak Hold Fully Autoranging Relative and Min Max Modes Intermittent Detector UL1244, IEC1010 Design Three Year Warranty

The Series 2000 offers the most solutions for your everyday test and measurement needs. The only DMMs designed by the people who use them. You.

For more information on these new DMMs call (outside CA) 1-800-854-2708 or (inside CA) 1-800-227-9781.


9045 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123

USA (619)279-2200

UK (384)442394

FRANCE (1) 4302 7606

GERMANY (089) 960 94 90

(formerly Beckman Industrial Instrumentation Products Division) is now a part of Wavetek Corporation.

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