Global PROTO BOARD (ad) (EN, Sept. 1993)

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Now you can take those hot, new logic or block design diagrams, and quickly, easily bring them up to minutes...without solder! Build circuits as fast as you can think. Test.

Modify. Expand. Without burned-out parts or burnt fingers. Save time, money...and prove that you know that you're talking about... before you use your CAD. Specify PROTO BOARD Brand, Today's recognized Standard for Quality in breadboarding. Here are five expandable breadboards, offering countless arrays of solderless sockets and bus strips that emulate pc board layouts. Pop in components. Pop them out again. Microprocessors. Memory. Large DIPs.

Tiny discretes. Makes no difference. The patented aluminum backplane lets you work at frequencies from DC to half –a Giga Hertz or 500MHz.

Need power? A powered PROTO BOARD Brand offers up to triple voltage power supplies, + 5V, + 12V, -12V, with regulated /current limited DC power. Over 2,250 tie points with 24 IC capacity and 14 pin DIPs. Super for TTL, CMOS, Op-Amps and microprocessor circuits. And lots more.

Best of all, your hassle-free American-made PROTO BOARD Brand comes with an unlimited lifetime guarantee on all the breadboard sockets. Prices are so modest, you'll wonder why you waited this long to specify PROTO BOARD Brand. Order today.

Global Specialties. An Interplex Electronics Company.

70 Fulton Terrace. New Haven, CT 06512.

Telephone: (203) 624-3103

Interplex Electronics 1989.

All Global Specialties breadboarding products made in USA.


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