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(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer, Jan. 1980)

If you don't see your kind of electronic pliers here, Xcelite makes them all.

Xcelite, long acknowledged as the world's first family of electronic hand tools, now includes a greatly expanded line of solid joint pliers and cutters. All the pliers you'll ever need, and more. Because new designs are continually added as new electronic products are born.

The present range extends through 38 patterns and sizes including 13 new models for miniature electronics. Made in U.S.A. by the latest technology and quality controls, in one of the world's most modern electronic hand tools plants, Xcelite pliers set the standards for the industry. Yet the same advanced production techniques make them competitively priced.

Typical of the features that single out Xcelite quality are coil spring openers, polished heads, cleanly milled and perfectly aligned jaws, hand-honed and mated cutting edges, exceptional strength and performance provided by forged alloy steel construction, precision machining and scientific proportioning. Handles are designed for maximum leverage and convenience, with plastic coated "Cushon-Grip" for added comfort.

Styles? What else could you possibly need: standard, midget, and taper nose diagonals; standard, very fine and extra thin needle nose; long and short nose; long, short and midget chain nose, with and without side cutters; side cutting; short flat nose; round nose; tip cutter wiring; cutting and looping; short nose tip cutting; thin bent nose; midget semi and full flush cutting; diagonal full flush cutting; and stainless diagonal cutting.

You don't know what you car) do with pliers until you know what Xcelite pliers can do for you. See your distributor and let him update you.

The Cooper Group Electronics Division


Ph. 919/362-7511

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