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(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer, Jan. 1980)

Facts from Fluke on low-cost DMM's

Three good reasons to buy your handheld DMM from Fluke.

Ask yourself what you're really looking for in a handheld DMM, and then take a good long look at ours.

CHOICES? The Fluke line of handheld DMM's now offers three clear performance choices. There's the 8022A Troubleshooter, a solid value for basic voltage/current/resistance measurements that offers 0.25% basic de accuracy. The 8020A Analyst is the world's best-selling DMM and first to offer conductance for high -resistance measurements to 10,000 Megohms -- now with accuracy improved to 0.1%.

And the new 8024A Investigator, a powerful instrument also with 0.1% accuracy that boasts three unique capabilities: logic level/ continuity instant continuity testing, and slow-speed logic checking, peak hold to lock onto elusive transient signals, and direct temperature readings to 1265°C via K-type thermocouples.

CONVENIENCE? Pick one up and you'll know what true one-hand operation means - tough, lightweight, palm -size packages designed with in-line push buttons for quick range and function changes.

RELIABILITY? Count on it. A substantial number of components are used exclusively to insure reliability and to guard against overloads.

Calibration is traceable directly to the National Bureau of Standards.

LOW COST? Compare these U.S. prices: $129 for the 8022A, $169 for the 8020A and $199 for the powerful 8024A.

Fluke standards of quality and customer service, of course, are uncompromising - for our line of handheld DMM's and all our products.

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