Ad: Leader oscilloscopes (ET/D, Mar. 1981)

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No other 50-MHz oscilloscope gives you as many features as the LBO-517.

It's the surprising leader for under $2000.

Compare the LBO-517 with all other 50-MHz oscilloscopes. Only Leader gives you total capability with:

• Calibrated delayed time-base

• Simultaneous display of main and delayed time-bases.

• Two trigger-view channels.

• 1 mV sensitivity (<10-MHz).

• Alternate/composite triggering.

• Variable trigger hold-off with B-ends-A mode.

• 20 kV accelerating potential dome-mesh CRT.

• Two-year warranty.

---------2 Very low-level signals, complex waveforms, fast pulses at low rep rates, asynchronous signals, no other 50-MHz oscilloscope handles such a wide range of demanding applications, and does it so well as the Leader LBO-517.

Simultaneous Dual Time Base Viewing. Unlike many other 50-MHz units, the LBO-517 has an alternate time base mode, 1 above. This permits simultaneous viewing of both the main "A" and delayed "B" time bases 2. The delayed time-base is also shown as an intensified portion of the main time base display 3. Ideal for studying and measuring complex waveforms.

Fast Sweep Rates, Alternate Triggering, Hold-off and B-ends-A Mode. The LBO-517 provides main sweep rates from 0.5 sec/cm to 0.05 usec/cm in 22 steps C). Delayed sweep rates are from 0.1 sec/cm to 0.05 usec/cm in 20 steps. For displaying very rapid phenomena, both can be increased to 5 nsec/cm with the X10 magnifier.

The LBO-517 also offers alternate (composite) triggering C) for stable viewing of two asynchronous signals, along with variable trigger hold-off with a B-ends-A mode C). Variable hold-off ensures stable triggering of complex signals by ignoring intermediate false trigger points. B-ends-A is used to increase the sweep repetition rate for brighter displays of low-frequency signals.

---------2 Outstanding Small Signal Performance. The vertical amplifiers of the LB0-517 offer calibrated deflection coefficients from 5 mV/cm to 5 V/cm in 10 steps (D. A X5 vertical multiplier delivers a maximum sensitivity of 1 mV/cm up to 10 MHz...5 times the sensitivity of more expensive oscilloscopes.

An amplified output of channel 1 is also available at a rear panel BNC connector for using the LBO-517's high sensitivity to drive frequency counters and other less sensitive instruments.

Brightest, Sharpest of All. The LBO-517 uses a recently developed dome-mesh CRT operating with a 20-kV accelerating potential. The result is an exceptionally bright, sharp display ... with an illuminated internal graticule.


Call Toll Free (800) 645-5104. Call today, to get all the facts on the LBO-517, its two-year warranty, the name of your nearest "Select" distributor, or to arrange for an evaluation unit.

LEADER: When Quality Counts

380 Oser Avenue Hauppauge, N.Y. 11787(516) 231-6900

Regional Offices: Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Dallas.

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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