RCA--Distributor and Special Products Division (ET/D, Mar. 1981)

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RCA kicks in a $10 discount on the Sidekick.

The RCA Sidekick. It's the rugged, large-capacity case for carrying the RCA Parts you need most for in-home TV servicing.

Now -- for a limited time only -- you can get your RCA Sidekick at 3 special $10 discount from participating RCA Parts Distributors.

Only the Sidekick offers you these useful features:

• Space for 164 RCA standardized parts boxes.

• Five pull-out drawers including storage bin for tools, manuals and drop cloth.

• No-spill lock feature that keeps drawers in place.

• Rugged ABS plastic construction, riveted for extra strength and durability.

The RCA Sidekick makes in-home TV servicing faster and easier because it "organizes" your inventory and eliminates the need for separate kits for different TV chassis. Take this coupon to your participating RCA Parts Distributor today. You'll get $10 off the price of the sensational RCA Sidekick.

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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