B&K-PRECISION (ET/D, Apr. 1981)

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Autoranging makes it faster and easier-to-use, a microcomputer makes it best.

Confused about how to select the right DMM? A lot of under $200 hand-held DMMs do look alike and offer similar specs, but only the B&K-PRECISION 2845 gives you microcomputer controlled autoranging. That's important because autoranging saves time, reduces the chance of reading errors and lets you direct more attention to your project, instead of your test equipment.

B&K-PRECISION uses "smart autoranging," a concept that's years ahead of traditional methods. Range changes are fast, controlled by a four bit microcomputer; and readings are computer stabilized to prevent ranging instabilities. The 2845 auto-ranges in all modes. In use, its "micro" monitors AID converted input signals and automatically skips to the range that will provide the highest resolution. For best reliability, actual range changing is performed by hermetically sealed reed relays. A range lock function permits you to manually hold any range automatically selected.

The 2845 provides 0.1 percent basic DC accuracy; and it's EMI shielded to keep that accuracy in RF fields. For fast continuity checks, there's an audible (defeatable) beeper. A full range of optional accessories are also available.

Best of all, with so many features and a $175 price, the only thing you'll be giving up is manual range switching.

Let B&K-PRECISION take the confusion out of your DMM selection.

Just ask for the microcomputer controlled 2845. It's in stock now at your local distributor. For more information call:

(800) 621-4627 toll free

(312) 889-9027 in Illinois.


6460 W. Cortland Street • Chicago, IL 60635 • 312/889-9087

International Sales. 6460 W. Cortland Street. Chicago, IL 60635.

Canadian Sales, Atlas Electronics, Ontario

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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