Ad: Sperry Tech (ET/D, May 1981)

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tv & radio tech's guide to pricing

When you price by "The Book everyone benefits!

Eliminates under charging… controls over pricing...treats both customer and shop owner fairly! The Parts Pricing Book Lists over 200 pages of current parts prices for instant reference.

Computerized with automatic up-dating service.

The Labor Pricing Book

The new 4th Edition will expand your business mind as never before! Greatly simplified while being expanded to include all the new products, as well as the traditional. $29 50. CALL TOLL FREE: 800-228-4338 8/5 C.S.T. MONDAY/FRIDAY

Each book is a great time saver! Pricing parts and labor from ONE BOOK ...together they're fantastic!

sperry tech inc. P.O. Box 5234 Lincoln, Nebraska 68505


(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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