Pomona Electronics ITT (ET/D, Jun. 1981)

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Get Hooked On Quality.

The 1981 Pomona Electronics catalog is brimming with more than 650 quality test accessories.

Including just about every kind of grabber clips imaginable.

There are minis, maxis and micros.

And do it yourself types, featuring simplified assembly.

Plus banana jack Grabbers you just plug into, threaded Grabbers, and Grabbers with square access holes.

Not to mention Grabber patch cords in assorted lengths. featuring other-end options such as banana plugs, double banana plugs, pin tip plugs, square pin receptacles, BNC plugs and receptacles -- or a Crabber at both ends.

Even more important than the quantities we make is the quality we build in: high temp, molded, glass-filled nylon barrels with gold-plated beryllium contacts and stainless steel springs. How's that grab you? Refer to your copy of the Electronic Engineers Master (EEM) catalog for complete product information, or ask us for a free catalog today.

ITT Pomona Electronics, 1500 E. Ninth St., P.O. Box 2767. Pomona, CA, 91766.

Phone (714) 523-3463.


Consistent quality for a complex world. Pomona Electronics ITT

Consistent quality for a complex world.

Pomona Electronics ITT

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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