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Panel Meters

Weston Instruments announces the availability of a new family of analog ac panel meters, in their Mustang line of precision ac and dc instruments. This new 7500 Series employs a pivot-and jewel-suspension iron-vane movement, reportedly providing direct, true-RMS measurement of ac voltage and current despite wide frequency changes or severe waveform distortion. (The other ac meters in the Mustang line use rectifier circuits combined with a taut-band dc movement, and are inherently average responsive, although calibrated RMS). The 7500 Series specifications indicate a ± 2% f.s. accuracy at 60Hz, with an operating frequency range of 25 to 500Hz for the ammeters, and 25 to 125Hz for the voltmeters. A choice of eight standard ranges is available: 0-10 or 100 milliamperes, 0-1, 2, or 5 amperes, and 0-50, 150, or 300 volts. All are available in 2 1/2 ", 3 1/2", and 4 1/2" sizes. Ranges up to 500 volts are avail able on special order.

10MHz Oscilloscope

Scopex Instruments Ltd. introduces a dual-trace, solid-state oscilloscope that is said to be particularly easy to use.

The model 14D-10, provides a switched mode power supply, a reported sensitivity over its full bandwidth at 10MHz of 2mV, an add and invert facility and X-Y operation. Additional features include a display area of 3.9" x 3.1" (100 mm x 80 mm) and full probe compensation. Designed for industrial, telecommunication and educational applications, the instrument is said to be accurate to -± 3%. The add and invert facility enables computer service engineers to align floppy disk drives and other peripherals. The pushbutton X-Y function, suitable for Lissajous figure experiments, may be coupled to logic analyzers for microprocessor applications. The vertical system's (channels A and B) sensitivity can be adjusted from 2mv/division to 10v/division in 12 calibrated ranges. Channels can be operated jointly, alternately, chopped, in the X-MODE (channel A switched to the horizontal or X deflection system while channel B remains the vertical or Y amplifier) or the add and invert facility can be called into play. Sweep speeds can be adjusted from 1 msec/division to 100 msec/division in 16 calibrated ranges.

A pull-knob enables sweep speed to be increased by a factor of 5 to raise speed to 200 u-sec/division. Channel A may serve as the trigger circuit or an external trigger may be applied. The instrument is 6.1" (155 mm) high x 12.2" (310 mm) wide x 17.1" (435 mm) deep and weighs 11 lb (5 kg). It can be operated from 210/250 v or 105/125 v, 48/60Hz ac supplies. High-impedance probes, a protective muff and a light hood are optional. Inquiries from potential customers and agents in the United States are welcomed by the company or may be sent to BIS.

Power Surge Device

A new 220 volt, power surge control device that protects computers, communications, medical and other electronic equipment from destructive volt age transients, has been introduced by RKS Enterprises, Inc. The new product, called Surge Sentry Model SS-220-H, simply plugs into any standard 220 volt outlet to provide immediate protection from transients. In operation, the SS 220-H detects short duration voltage surges, and immediately shunts all un wanted or potentially dangerous volt ages. The new device is said to be able to respond in picoseconds and has a reported dissipation of 600,000 watts at 100 microseconds. Rapid response is especially important because high volt age transients, even of durations shorter than 1 millisecond, can cause misregistration, false logic, mis-indexed pro grams, false triggering of circuits, pre mature component failure, hazardous shorts, and even electrical fire due to arc-over. Another feature of the SS 220-H is a neon light that lets the user know, at a glance, that the device is functioning properly. In addition, because the device works in parallel with the power line, the SS-220-H will reportedly not interrupt equipment operation in the unlikely event it malfunctions. The SS-220-H measures 4.7 in. high, 2.5 in. wide, 1.5 in. deep and weighs approximately 5.8 ounces (163 gm).

Surge Sentry is also available in 120 volt and OEM versions, with several other versions in development.

Compact Truck Body

A new fiberglass body designed for use with compact and mini pickup trucks is being introduced by the Handy Mandy Trailer Mfg. Co. The model MV-90 is directly mounted to the pickup frame, and has 180 cubic feet of interior space.

Body weight is said to be the lightest in the industry at 17 oz. per square foot.

Additional specifications include a body length of 90 inches, an overall height of 72-3 / 8 inches and an overall width of 72 inches. The overall weight, mounted, less interior equipment is 325 lbs. The MV-90 can be ordered individually, or supplied with a compact pickup.

Aluminum Electronic Packages

Nordal Electronics Company introduces its new line of aluminum boxes for electronic packaging that can be made in any size with no tooling or set up charges. The box and removable cover are made of .032 aluminum.

These boxes can be used to package RF circuits, amplifiers, filters, oscillators, magnetics and other electronic circuits. The boxes can be used alone or mounted on a PC board to provide a shielded package with a removable cover. Special packages can be made with holes for connectors, feed throughs, standoffs or mounting brackets. Delivery is two weeks.

LCD Hand-Held Multimeter

The TM354 from Thandar is a compact 3 1/2 digit, hand-held, pocket multimeter featuring a large 1/ 2 in. liquid crystal display, 0.75% basic accuracy, and is said to provide 2000 hours battery life from one 9v alkaline battery. The meter pro vides five functions in 14 ranges permitting measurement of dc volts (from 1mV-1000V) ac volts (from 1v-500v) dc current (from 1 µA-200ma) resistance (from 1S1-2M(1) plus diode check. Sup plied with test probes and protective vinyl pouch, the TM354 is designed and manufactured in England, and carries a full 1 year warranty.

35MHz Scope

A new 35MHz, dual channel portable KIK-Scope with a delayed sweep and automatic switching of alternate and chop mode, has been introduced by Kikusui International Corporation, a subsidiary of Kikusui Electronics, Japan. Called the Model 5531, the new scope is similar to the familiar T935A but offers several additional capabilities. For example: the 5531 features auto focus for sharp pictures and a metal housing that minimizes external RFI interference. The ADD mode coupled with a channel 2 invert allows both A + B and A - B measurements. It reportedly has a 1mV sensitivity at 15MHz and the ability to operate the delayed sweep in a triggered mode.

Small and compact. the Model 5531 measures 370mm 165mm 470mm and weighs approximately 10kg. The 5.5 inch rectangular, internal graticule CRT has 8 x 10 divisions, each measuring 9.5mm. The Model 5531 is completely modular. All internal construction is on plug-in boards and, in the event of trouble, a board swap-out program assures fast maintenance turn-around and minimum down-time. It comes with a 2-year warranty (CRT, one year). Sales are made on a 30-day "satisfaction-or-your-money-back- basis. The horizontal axis (sweep time) for Channel A (main sweep) is said to be 0.5 u-sec div in 20 steps. Sweep time for Channel B is the same, but in 11 steps.

A 5X magnification can accelerate the sweep time to 0.1 u-sec/div. The 5531 is said to be conservatively rated at dc to 35MHz ( - 3dB). Normal sensitivity (deflection factor) is 5my to 5v div in 10 ranges. Operational modes are Channel 1, Channel 2, Dual (automatic switching Alternate and Chop), Add and X-Y. There are four trigger sources for Source A signals (internal, external, External ± 10 and Line), plus internal trigger modes for Signal source B (Ch 1, Ch 2 and Norm). Trigger coupling includes ac, HF rejection and dc.

Precision Tweezer

Desco Industries has added three battery powered lighted tweezers to its line of electronic assembly aids. These tweezers all have stainless steel blades and are powered by a single AAA battery. The powerful lamp directs light to the working point. A low cost plastic case model is available for field tool cases. Two stainless steel case models are available, one with a straight tip and one with an angle tip. The stainless steel cases reportedly will last many years on the industrial assembly bench.

Voltage Regulators

Motorola has introduced a series of 3 terminal positive voltage regulators capable of supplying in excess of 30 amps over an output voltage range adjustable from 1.2v to 33v. These voltage regulators -the LM150 250 350 -require only two external resistors to set the output voltage. Internal current limiting, thermal shutdown and safe area compensation are employed, reportedly making these devices virtually failure proof. The LM150 series serve a wide variety of applications, including local on-card regulation, adjustable switching regulation, a programmable output regulation, or as a precision current regulator. Motorola offers this 3-terminal adjustable-positive voltage regulator in a TO-3 metal case and in an industry standard TO-223 plastic case.

Function Generator

Krohn-Hite introduces its new function generator, the model 1200A. The 1200A features the Krohn-Hite Waveguard output protection circuitry, which reportedly prevents damage to the generator's output stage if an external volt age is accidentally applied across the generator's output terminals. The Waveguard circuit recovers automatically when the external voltage is re moved. The 1200A provides 20v p-p sine, square and triangle waveforms from 0.2Hz to 3 MHz and provides 1500:1 linear up or down sweeps. with adjustable sweep durations from 1000s to 1 ms. Additional features of the Model 1200A include variable dc offset and auxiliary TTL output.

Power Supply

Adtech Power, Inc. has introduced the Model S5-20, a 5-volt, 20-amp open frame switching power supply. Designed around Adtech's patented Univerter design, the new unit is the first of a family of 100w Adtech switching power supplies. It is suitable for a line range of 90 to 135 vac or 180 to 270 vac selectable, and a line frequency of between 47 and 440 Hz. Efficiency is said to be more than 72% at full load, 115 or 230 vac at 25: C. Other output specifications include: compensation for up to 0.5v line drop: output overvoltage protection crowbar fixed at 6.25 0.75 v: and output current limitation to 150 per cent or less. The Model S5-20 is constructed on a single PC board. The input and output is through a 10-term.inal barrier strip mounted on the PC board.

Dimensions are 2-1 / 4 x 5 x 9 inches.

Options include a power fail warning signal. dc input and a pre-load device.

Test Pattern Generator

The Signal Source 1209 from Visual In formation Institute, Inc., is a new selectable scan rate test pattern generator that is capable of testing all types of closed-circuit television displays, computer terminals, medical equipment, security systems, etc. It includes an internal sync generator that provides H drive, V drive, blanking and sync out puts, plus a test pattern generator which has a complete set of functions -gray scale, window, flat field, crosshatch, dots, resolution and color bars. The Signal Source 1209 is enclosed in a leather briefcase for portability and field use and is 7" high x 21" wide x 13" deep.

Solder Repair Kits

A line of solder repair kits for making fast, easy repairs on a variety of electrical and electronic connections in the home or workshop is being introduced by Fry Metals, Inc. Fry Solder Repair Kits feature triple core solder dispensers that assure continuous flux flow while soldering fine wires and other connections. Offered in both 60% tin/40% lead, and 40 60 combination rosin dispensers. Also included is a handy pre-mixed solder cream dispenser tube.

Used with a soldering iron or gun, Fry Solder Repair Kits come with application information and are ideal for electrical wiring, antennas, speaker leads, appliances, TV's, and radios. Packaged on full-color 6" x 6" blister cards, a complete rotating carousel rack is available.

Literature is available on request.

Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks Plus has announced its 6031 Series forced air cooling package which is a two piece modular constructed unit designed for mounting and cooling electronic components. The 6031 Series is constructed from Heat Sinks Plus' 6031 extrusion with a unique fin design that offers less air flow resistance resulting in maximum heat transfer and optimum thermal performance. The 6031 Series is specifically designed to be used with a mini boxer type fan (3.2 in. square) and the three inch quadrant shown will accept two TO-3 style de vices for a total of four resulting in a maximum input with minimum temperature rise. The 6031 Series is available with steel or glass filled nylon end plates. The two piece quadrant construction is available in any given length and can be ordered without shelf for stud mounted devices.

Audio Meters

A new type of audio meter that indicates actual loudspeaker power dissipation is now available from Hutco, Inc. Designated the PWP-80 Peak Power Meter, this instrument reportedly has a dynamic measuring range of 30dB and a standard indication range of 0.1w to 100w. The PWP-80 meter is said to have a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz and is flat over that range to -± 0.5dB. It reportedly can tolerate a full power peak overload of 1000w, with a recovery time from a maximum overload of 1.2 seconds. All driving circuitry for the PWP-80 is self contained within the meter case. A 15v power supply is required with a maxi mum drain of 25ma. The meter is de signed to be connected in parallel with the loudspeaker line, directly across the coil. Manufactured by Nippon Keiki Works of Japan, the PWP-80 is a product of a company with 600 employees and annual sales of about $25 million.

Nippon Keiki has a worldwide reputation for quality and sold about $1 million worth of products to United States customers last year.

Portable Desoldering System

The new Hot Vac 4000 Desoldering System from Ungar contains a built-in vacuum pump allowing it to be used at any location in a factory, repair center or field location where normal ac electric power is available. The solder is melted by the heated tip, and the vacuum is actuated by a switch located on the bio mechanically designed handle. The solder which is removed is retained in the built-in solder reservoir which may be easily emptied, even when the heater is hot. Tip temperature is adjustable from approx. 500 to 1000 degrees F., allowing the Hot V_ac 4000 to be used on a wide variety of applications. The temperature sensing heater is said to provide instantaneous temperature recovery, and transient spikes are fully suppressed making it safe for desoldering MOS and other voltage sensitive components. The Hot Vac 4000 includes a built-in handle holder and a convenient handle for easy carrying. A variety of different size tips for various applications is also included.

Lightning Suppressor

Poly Phaser Corporation introduces its new lightning suppressor, the Zap Trappers. Specifications include a band width of 0.1MHz to 1000MHz, an insertion loss of 0.1 db max at 00MHz, a VSWR of 1.15:1 at 1000MHz, an impedance of 50 ohms, RF power of up to 750 watts, turn on time of approximately 1 u-sec, turn on voltage of 280 vdc and a typical surge rating of 10,000 amps. The Zap Trapper can be installed directly into the transmission feedline and is available with either N or UHF type connectors.

Portable Capacitance Selector

Ohmite introduces its new portable capacitance selector, the Cap-Ranger.

The Cap-Ranger allows over 10,000 values of capacitance to be selected, ranging in value from 100 pF to 11.111 µF. Slide switches permit the selection of values in steps of 100pF. The Cap-Ranger is suitable for both ac and dc circuits due to the absence of electrolytic capacitors in its circuitry.

Cap-Ranger terminals will accept stripped leads, space lugs or banana plugs. Two safety features are included in the Cap-Ranger: a case grounding terminal is provided in addition to two measurement terminals, and internal resistors discharge capacitors when switches are in "off" position. When used in conjunction with Ohmite's companion Ohm-Ranger, the Cap-Ranger allows easy determination of RC time constants. The size of the Cap-Ranger is 4" x 6" x 1".

CATV Signal Generator

A new signal generator, designed expressly for aligning the subchannel equalizers in two-way CATV systems, has been introduced by Extronix, Inc.

The new unit generates picture carriers for channels T7, T8, T9 and T10, separately switchable and adjustable. The output may be inserted into the system at any convenient tap and adjusted to any level up to +45 dbmv in 75 ohms.

The signals can then be used for adjusting the equalizers at each successive return amplifier along the cable.

The unit is small (6 x 8 x 9 in.), light in weight (6 lbs.) and battery operated. It may be used outdoors with the gasketed housing closed against the weather. Model SCAG-4-D requires eight D-size dry cells which is said to last 120 hours. Model SCAG-4-N includes eight C-size nickel-cadmium cells with charger, pilot light and detachable power cord.

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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