New Products (ET/D, July 1981)

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Temperature Switch

Winland, Inc. announces Temp-Alert. Temp-Alert is a Hi-Low Temperature Switch with adjustable hi-low stops. Adjusts from - 30°F to + 130°F. When the temperature indicator touches either limit, the circuit is completed. Temp Alert may be used in alarm systems for computer rooms, garden beds, green houses, animal confinement buildings, and more.

100 MHz Oscilloscope

A new 100 MHz scope with calibrated delayed sweep has been introduced by Kikusui International Corporation, a subsidiary of Kikusui Electronics Corp., Japan. Called the Model 6100, this new scope will display up to six traces (Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Trigger View A, Trigger View B plus an Add/Differential trace that rep resents the sum or difference of Ch1 and Ch2). The Model 6100 also features an auto-dynamic focus circuit for clear, sharp pictures and a metal housing that minimizes RF interference. For versatility of operation, the vertical alternate mode features an alternate trigger (as opposed to a composite trigger) that permits the triggering on a very wide range of non-synchronous signals. For simplicity, a level-lock on the trigger level control for both A and B channels activates a peak-to-peak detector that automatically sets trigger level and triggers on the signal without requiring operator action. This is particularly useful with the B trigger delay that normally requires extensive experience for proper operation. The instrument measures 310 mm x 150 mm x 400 mm and weighs approximately 10 kg. The port able configuration allows for both field use and space saving engineering lab use. A 20 kV acceleration voltage assures ample brightness under all operating conditions. The Model 6100 is completely modular. All internal construction is on plug-in boards and, in the event of trouble, a board swap-out pro gram assures fast maintenance turn around and minimum down-time. The Model 6100 comes with a 2-year warranty (CRT 1 year). Sales are made on a 30-day satisfaction-guaranteed-or your-money-back basis.

TV Monitor Oscilloscope

A new TV Monitor Oscilloscope from Gould Co., the Model 0S3350/5, com bines the performance of an NTSC 525 line waveform and picture monitor with that of a general purpose 40 MHz dual trace scope in a single, compact pack age. The portable 0S3350/5 is especially suited for testing and trouble shooting TV, CATV, CCTV, video 1 recorder/playback and other video equipment in mobile TV, microwave repeater, broadcast station, institutional, plant, and production line applications.

A timebase generator in this new scope allows it to be used for line-by-line examination of 525-line waveforms or to display complete pictures. It accepts standard level composite video signals with or without sound-in-sync signals and provides five different triggering modes: Line 15 through 21 in either field 1 or field 2; Field; Line Repetitive; Field t • The Christmas Seal People' Selector; and Line Selector. In Line Selector the chosen line is indicated on a three-digit LED display. A multiturn vernier control provides triggering delays up to 90 allowing parts of a line to be examined in detail. The displayed video signal can be clamped or not.

When the unit is used to display a TV picture, the triggering point selected may be displayed as a bright-up line on the picture, enabling a direct relation ship to be established between wave form and picture. In conventional operation the Gould 0S3350/5 functions as a general purpose 40 MHz, 5mV/cm dual trace scope with single timebase control.

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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