Beckman DMM (ad) (ET/D, Oct. 1981)

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Introducing the TECH 360 DMM. Never has it been so easy to do so much for so little.

Beckman's TECH 360 bench/ portable DMM puts unmatched capability and convenience at your fingertips.

You can select from 8 functions and 31 ranges with one turn of the single selector switch.

On or off the bench, you can accurately measure all complex waveforms with True RMS AC functions. Extend resistance measurement to 1/100 ohm resolution. Read temperatures from -20°C to 1265°C. Perform continuity checks so little. quickly, with audible and visible indications. Measure up to 10 amps without adding special adaptors.

All with 0.1% basic Vdc accuracy.

12,000 hour battery life

Designed for ultimate ease of operation, the TECH 360 delivers 12,000 hours continuous service (up to 4 years of normal use) from standard heavy-duty batteries. You'll never have to search for power out lets or contend with ground loop errors. The expense of rechargeable battery packs is eliminated.

The TECH 360 is available for just $289 ( U.S. only), including batteries. The companion TECH 350 (without RMS and temperature measuring capability) is priced at $229.

For information on the complete line of Beckman DMMs and accessories, call your local distributor today. For the one nearest you call: (714) 993-8803 or write:

Beckman Instruments, Inc., Electro Products Group, 210 South Ranger Street, Brea, California 92621.

Convenient storage and multiple viewing angles are featured in the new line of Beckman bench/ portable DMMs.


(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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