LEADER oscilloscopes (ad) (ET/D, Nov. 1981)

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The surprising leader.

It's easy to see why LEADER oscilloscopes are now specified more than ever. More performance and quality for less cost. And the best two-year warranty in the industry ...backed by efficient factory service depots on the East and West coasts.

A full-range of reliable, medium bandwidth oscilloscopes. LEADER's oscilloscope line includes 12 single and dual trace models for bench and field use. All offer comprehensive triggering controls, TTL compatible Z-axis inputs, front panel trace alignment control and convenient, color-keyed front panel layout. Probes are furnished with every oscilloscope and options include probe pouches, carrying cases, front panel covers and rack mounting adapters.

50 MHz alternate time base. LBO-517 gives you complex analysis capability with composite triggering and simultaneous main/delayed time base display on its dome-mesh CRT with 20 kV accelerating potential. Has 7 ns rise time, 5 mV/cm sensitivity with X5 multiplier for 1 mV/cm up to 10 MHz, 5 ns sweep speed with X10 magnifier, and 2 trigger view channels.

30 MHz delayed sweep. LBO-515B is a dual trace oscilloscope using a 4-inch CRT with parallax-free internal graticule, 5 mV sensitivity, 120 ns signal delay, trigger hold-off, delayed sweep and x-y operation at full sensitivity.

35 MHz with signal delay. The dual trace LBO-520A combines 10 ns rise time with 5 mV sensitivity and 120 ns signal delay lines. Has 5.6 kV PDA CRT with internal graticule.

20 MHz dual and single trace. LBO-508A and LBO-507A have17.5 ns rise time, X5 sweep magnifier, 10 mV/cm sensitivity and add/subtract modes.

10 MHz with 1 mV sensitivity. LBO-514 features both vertical and horizontal X5 magnifiers, 1 mV/cm sensitivity and sweep speeds to 0.1 ps/cm. (Single trace version, LBO-513.

20 MHz battery/ac portable. LBO-308S provides lab performance in field service applications. Dual trace, 2 mV sensitivity, 18 sweep divisions to 0.1 ps/div with X5 magnifier, and 3-inch rectangular, internal graticule CRT. Optional battery pack recharges during ac operation.

LBO-308PL high performance version includes high intensity 10 kV CRT and signal delay lines.

Two-year warranty.

Evaluation units. Proven reliability lets us give a generous 2-year warranty ... backed by factory service on both coasts. Free, trial use of LEADER instruments is available to qualified companies.

Call toll-free (800) 645-5104 to request:

• an evaluation unit • our 40-page catalog • the name of your nearest "Select" distributor • additional information.

---------The LEADER LBO-517 with dome- mesh CRT displays bright, clearly defined traces at all sweep speeds and repetition rates.

When Quality Counts

LEADER Instruments Corporation 380 Oser Avenue Happauge, N.Y. 11787

(516) 231-6900 Regional Offices: Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Dallas

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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