Reader Survey (ET/D, Nov. 1981)

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Here is the part of the ETD survey which could not be tabulated reliably because of missing numbers on the September return card. Please do us-and hopefully yourselves-a favor and answer the questions again. These are those very important questions about what you would like to see in ET/D, what you need, and what you expect to need, in the way of technical information. Answer carefully; what you see in ET/D may depend on your answers.

Thank you.

Walter H. Schwartz

Amount of coverage desired

Indicate the amount of coverage in ETD you prefer for each of the items listed in 1-31. Circle either 1, 2 or 3 opposite the item number on the answer card.

none OK more


1. TV circuit theory

2. TV troubleshooting

3. Test instrument operation and applications

4. Electronic security systems theory and installation techniques

5. Minicomputers

6. Tape player/recorder theory/troubleshooting

7. Communications equipment theory and troubleshooting

8. Systems theory and installation techniques

9. Audio circuit theory and troubleshooting

10. Medical electronics theory/ troubleshooting

11. Industrial control electronics theory and troubleshooting

12. Basic theory of solid-state devices

13. Record changer servicing

14. Auto radio troubleshooting

15. Business management

16. Service shop operation

17. Manufacturers' service tips

18. News of the industry

19. Association news

20. New products

21. Merchandising and sales techniques

22. TEKFAX schematics

23. Test instrument report

24. Appliance servicing

25. Video disc/tape

26. Satellite TV

27. Teletext

28. Telephones, cordless/ standard

29. Video games 1 2 3

30. Articles about other service shops 1 2 3

31. Articles about other electronic dealers 1 2 3

32. I use TEKFAX

1) Regularly

2) Occasionally

3) Seldom

4) Never 1 2 3 4

33. I have an FCC radio operator's license 1) yes 2) no

34. I have an amateur radio operator's license 1) yes 2) no

(source: Electronic Technician/Dealer)

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