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eddy current Current induced in components from the movement of magnetic fields.

EEPROM Electrically erasable PROM. A type of PROM that can be erased and reprogrammed by electrical signals. It is also a nonvolatile type memory.

EIA Electronics Industries Association. A U.S. agency that sets electrical/electronic standards. emf Electromotive force, which is another term for voltage or potential difference. enable To activate logic by the removal of a suppression signal.

enclosure The metal box or housing in which equipment is mounted, available in designs for various environmental conditions.

encoder Any feedback element that converts linear or rotary position to digital signals (pulses). Encoders are available as absolute and incremental devices.

EPROM Erasable programmable read-only memory. A PROM can be erased with ultraviolet light, then reprogrammed with electrical signals.

error The difference between the setpoint signal and the feedback signal (process variable). Error can be specified as SP-PV or as PV-SP. In a motion control system, error is specified as the difference between the command signal and the feedback signal.

Ethernet network A local area network with a baseband communications rate of 10 M bits. false A signal that is assigned the digital value of 0.

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