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IC Integrated circuit. A solid-state device that includes combinations of circuit elements (resistors, capacitors, transistors) that are fabricated on a single continuous substrate.

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission. IEC web site

infrared Invisible light radiation starting at a wavelength of 69 nil, (6900 P.).

input device A digital or analog device such as a limit switch, push-button switch, pressure sensor, or temperature sensor that supplies input data through an input circuit to a programmable controller.

instrumentation amplifier A differential amplifier specifically designed for use in measuring circuits.

integer Any positive or negative whole number including zero.

intelligent UO modules A PLC module that uses a microprocessor.

interface A hardware circuit or software that allows the interaction of two or more separate systems.

interlock A switch or other device that prevents activation of a piece of equipment when another piece of equipment is operating.

International Standards Organization (ISO) An organization established to promote development of international standards. ISO web site.

intrinsic safety A design technique applied to electrical equipment and wiring for hazardous locations. It is based on limiting electrical and thermal energy to a level below that required to ignite hazardous atmospheric mixtures.

intrinsic standoff ratio The ratio of the triggering voltage to the applied voltage in a UJT.

inverter 1. A circuit designed to change dc voltage to ac voltage. 2. An ac adjustable-frequency drive. 3. A particular section of an ac drive where dc voltage is changed to ac voltage.

I/Os (inputs and outputs) Input and output signals for a PLC or robot.

isolation transformer A transformer that provides isolation from one circuit to another.

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