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octal numbering system A base 8 numbering system which uses only the digits 0-7.

off A term used to designate the 0 state of a bit; or the inoperative state of a device.

on A term used to designate the 1 state of a bit; the operative state of a device; the state of a switch or circuit that is closed.

one-shot A programming technique that sets a bit to the on state for only one program scan.

on line (online) Refers to equipment or devices that are in direct interaction communications. For example, connecting a programming computer to a PLC to make changes in the PLC program.

op amp An operational amplifier. A high-gain stable linear dc amplifier that is designed to be used with external circuit elements.

optocoupler A light-emitting diode and a light-detecting device sealed together in an integrated package. The input circuit and Output circuit are electrically isolated since they are only connected with light.

output device Devices such as a solenoid or motor starter that are connected to the output circuit of a programmable controller, robot CNC machine.

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